Looking for High Efficiency Sat/sub System

room 15x18

sat 4-6" driver - weighty highs, punchy transient impact
sub 8-10" driver or 3x6" array - excellent microdynamics

x-over at 120-200 hz

comes to life at low levels - prefered listening at 75-85 db
What electronics are you going to use to drive the speakers?I have lived with a sub/sat system(the Baby Grand system) from a company called Aura Sound,for the past 2 years.They are the original patent holders for the Line Source Tweeter(Lineaum)which was used by several companies with excellent results.The speaker uses a proprietary 3"woofer with extra long throw surround & the line source tweeter.I drive them with a 100 wpc Pioneer Elite & they absolutely ROCK!Great sub/sat systems can be had from:Quad(the "Lite"system)or KEF but I think the most effecient system is probably from Paradigm.Hope this helps.
Mirage OMD-5 or OS3-Sat for satellites, and the sub that best fits your tastes and the room. For good performance and compactness, check out Mirage's MM-6. For a little more punch and more cabinet size, go for the Prestige S8.

The satellites I mention are sensitive (90 dB for the OMD-5, 89 dB for the OS3) and very dynamic (power handling of 150-175 watts). They are particularly punchy once broken in. Take a look at the mid/woofer driver surrounds. Those ribs are a patented design the enables the driver to maintain linearity over a wider excursion range. I have a pair of OMD-15s that have a pair of 5.5" drivers with the ribbed surrounds and they make effortless, clean bass down into the 30's.

You can cross these over lower if you'd like--around 60 Hz for the OMD-5 and 80 comfortably with the OS3. That's desirable for better image stability than 125.

Another alternative would be to go for the OS3-FS, which has a tiny footprint and plays lower; you could almost do w/o the sub or cross over around 40-50 Hz.

If you want something really tiny, go for the Gallo Nucleus Micro or Due' and one of Gallos' matching subs. See http://www.roundsound.com.
I don't mean to thread-jack, but I've been eyeballing the Mirage OMD-5s. Like Stonedtemplepilot, I've been looking for the best full-sounding, small footprint speaker to place in my 2.1 bedroom system. I'd like a full range sound at low levels. The OMD-5s definately have WAF going for them too. Johnnyb53, have you compared both the OMD-5s and OS3 head to head?
I just heard the new Devore Fidelity 3XL's without a sub-based system. When I first heard them, I was having a tough time reconciling their small size with the way they were so easily filling the room with sound, a room much larger than 15' x 18'. They offered a stunning musical presentation that had some of the "real musical experience" that I have only previously experienced with the Shindo Latour's. Weighty highs, punchy transient impact, and excellent microdynamics were flooding the room with glorious sound. These 2-ways use the same tweeter as the Devore Silverbacks and a completely new and incredible mid-range/woofer. The enclosures are made of beautiful bamboo. I can't imagine any woman not loving the way these look and sound. If you audition them, you might want to try them first without a sub; they sound like they go quite a bit lower than the specs.
06-24-09: Avalon65
... I've been eyeballing the Mirage OMD-5s ... looking for the best full-sounding, small footprint speaker to place in my 2.1 bedroom system. I'd like a full range sound at low levels. The OMD-5s definately have WAF going for them too. Johnnyb53, have you compared both the OMD-5s and OS3 head to head?

No, I haven't done that comparison. However, I own a pair of 1st-gen OmniSats (OS3=OmniSat v.3), have heard the 2nd-gen OmniSat satellites and floorstanders, and own a pair of OMD-15s.

The OMD-5 has a larger cabinet and driver (5.5" vs. 4.5") than the OS3-Sat, which translates into wider dynamics and frequency response. They also are available in rosewood finish, which should make them very WAFy.

I think you'll find this review enlightening as to just how dynamic and effective the OMD-5 can be. The review says in part:
I already use Mirage Omnipolar speakers as surrounds in my reference system. However, those floorstanding Omni 260s ($1000/pair when available) were easily bested by the OMD-5s, which displayed many of the same wonderful sonic characteristics of the OMD-15. I would wager that, in addition to being an exceptional surround speaker, the OMD-5 would make an excellent main speaker in a sub/sat system. ItÂ’s a bargain at $375 each.

The reviewer at Home Theater magazine echoed those sentiments in his review of the same system when he wrote
I loved the look of the OMD-5 satellite and wished I were reviewing a matched set of five. The satellite mimics the tower's top-mount arrangement of tweeter, midbass, teaspoon, and teacup.
The OMD-5 has the exact same drivers as are in the $2500/pair OMD-15s, minus one extra woofer and passive radiator. To me that makes the $750/pair OMD-5s a stone cold bargain, as a good matching sub can be had for a lot cheaper than the $1250 difference to get the extra 1-1/2 octaves of bass.

If you have a bead on a pair of OMD-5s you better get 'em fast, because Crutchfield and Amazon are listing them as discontinued. I sure hope the Klipsch buyout doesn't end up killing off my favorite speaker company.

Right now you can get the $7500/pair Klipsch flagship OMD-28s on closeout for about $2600/pair.