Looking for hi value CD/SACD player...

I think my modified Denon 2910, which has served me well, is dying. I would greatly appreciate suggestions on a replacement in the $1000-$1500 range. Obviously, spending less is OK too but new rather than used. I'd prefer a dedicated CD/SACD player exclusively for 2 channel audio listening. Don't need Blue Ray or multichannel capability. 2 players that I'm considering are the Oppo BDP 95 and Sony's SCD XA5400SE. The Oppo gets high marks on audio but carries video baggage I don't really need. The Sony seems designed for audio but is a bit older than the Oppo. Has anyone compared these? What were your findings? Both have been out for several years now. Is there something newer to consider in this price range? Thanks in advance.
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You might consider the Marantz SA8004. Three year warranty helps ease concern of longevity.
I was looking at the Oppo until I found the Cambridge 751. It is essentially the same as the oppo for video but much upgraded on the audio side. I really like being able to plug a hard drive into the oppor or cambridge to avoid changing discs.
For audio only, the Anthem is nice, mcintosh or arcam...
I bought a used Marantz SA-11S2 for about $1500 last year. Sounds absolutely gorgeous on both CD and SACD.
Thanks folks. Appreciate the input. As I continued my research, I came across the Marantz 8004. Sounds like a really nice piece. I'll check out the other suggestions as well (I had a Cambridge Audio D500SE for many years. Pulled it out to help check what might be wrong last night and it fired up after years of being in the closet). I have to confess, issues I thought the Denon was giving me turned out to be self-inflicted. I corrected my mistake and things are sounding very good. Still have the yen to upgrade but not as pressing. Now wondering if use of the Denon as transport with an external DAC that can function as "clock master" (not quite sure that is the right way to put it) would be the better way to go. Although, another pice = more space, more wires, more things to break.

Thanks for your time. I actually did try to pull this post when I realized issues were due to mis-wiring on my part.
I'm currently using the SA-8004. Solid on CD/SACD and can use the optical inputs to use the player as a stand alone DAC with iPod/iPad/iPhone or stream from any hard drive or wireless with Apple TV or other wireless device. A ton of product for the money.
I have the SA8003 which I thought sounded overly warm for my taste. The SA KI Lite IMHO is a better machine and it's based off the 8004 but seems more dynamic.
there is another thread regarding the latest oppos--the 103 and 105. perhaps the 103 should be considered as well.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
Another +1 for the Marantz SA8004. I'm a vinyl junkie, yet in a store demo I heard the SA8004 make a redbook CD I was very familiar with sound stunningly real, lush, rich, and musical. To be able to tap other digital sources into that excellent DAC is a compelling additional benefit.
i owned the marantz sa 11 mark 2. i'm not sure i have the model number correct, but it was the second most expensive sacd, about two years ago. i am assuming it is more expensive than the 8004.

point is, i have never heard a solid state sacd player sound warm and lush. perhaps it is the way in which the terms are defined, but i think tubes are required to attain a rich and lush sound. beware of solid state.

i sold my marantz player and vowed never to buy another.

i'd suggest that you find a consonance 2.2 that works, if you can.
Nothing wrong with an NAD like this one.


Again - thanks all for your thoughts and time. Rumors of the Denon's demise were premature. I'd made some boneheaded/wrong connections at the preamp. Now that things are corrected the need to replace this Upgrade Co. modified CDP is not so pressing. When the time comes, the Marantz (or its then current/affordable interation) will certainly be on the short list. I run Consonance preamp and monoblocks so I'll take a look at Mrtennis' suggestion of the 2.2. Now must report the upgrade bug has shifted to the possibility of replacing a Kab-modified Stanton cartridge with a Goldring. Either 1042 or maybe 2400. Hard to find much on the 2400 whereas reading many good things about the 1042. Thanks again for your time.