Looking for help with speaker upgrades...

I am currently driving a pair of Totem Model 1 Signatures with Bryston integrated and source. I recently moved these speakers into a much larger room and away from a dedicated listening room. They now seem to get lost in the larger room and are missing whatever bottom end they had in the smaller room.

I enjoy the Totem's and don't want to take a step backwards just to get a bigger, louder, and lower end speaker.

Looking for a floorstander and my budget is $5-7k. I also need something that is easy to place since i won't be able to have them 4 feet from the front walls. they will be placed 3 ft from the side walls but < 1 ft from the front walls. Also looking for something with some WAF as well.

PMC,Proac,B&W other?
My choices would be Aerial 6 (front ported) or Spendor A6 (bottom ported). I'm sure there are lots of other great choices.
Daedalus Ulysses would be on my short list. His DA-RMa would fall squarely into your budget at the top end and give up only some of the low-end grunt that the Ulysses has in spades. I've not heard them with your amp though, but they are superb, full-range speakers with Modwright KWA150's. Talk to Lou about your particular amp, size of room and model he'd recommend as I cannot speak to synergy there. I have heard both and would recommend either one highly at that price point (the larger is beyond your budget though). If you have the space and can stretch the budget the larger Ulysses is really stellar. Either one would puts a big grin on my face...great stuff!
Thanks, I'll take a look at those.

I will be using the speakers 100% for 2 channel music. in terms of bass do i need to be overly concerned with how low they go. I want to make sure i am not leaving some speakers off the list because they don't go as low as others.

B&W don't seem to go as low as the PMC and it seems all Proac responses go down to 20!
Just because a speaker delivers sounds down at 20hz does not mean those sounds closely resemble the sounds of those things that originated them on the recording. OTOH you can get very engaging results from speakers that don't reach those depths. Just a reminder. I would consider the volume of your room, along with your expectations, and the amp/speaker synergy. Getting really good in-room bass reproduction that blends seamlessly with the rest of the range is pretty challenging and tends to run on the expensive side. Another option that always comes to mind when looking for good low end is AudioKinesis - his SWARM system delivers down low and blends seamlessly with his other speakers. Daedalus does a great job as well in that regard. I've only heard Proac monitors (which I liked very much) so couldn't comment on their floorstanders.
Shelby + Kroll Nano Monitor and Sub System! These are not floor standers, but WILL deliver the huge soundstage and deep tuneful bass that we all want! I purchased them after listening at a friends house. They are replacing my Medallion 2 Lowther DX4 Decware WO32 system.
Check them out you will be glad you did.
30 day MBG
I second what Rodge827 posted about the Shelby+Kroll system. It really does deliver a huge soundstage. It also provides fantastic detail, is tune-tune-tuneful, and very involving. Bass is clean and tight with easily heard tone and overtones. Dynamics are superb and the imaging is freakishly real given adequately recorded software to play

How big is the sound of the SK's? These mini-mons are replacing a pair of Tannoy CPA 15's (LARGE dual concentric monitors) and the sub is replacing a venerable Velodyne ULD 15. That was a big sound kind of system.

Both systems were driven by a Pass XA30.5 amp. The Tannoys are 100db efficient and were easily driven. The SK's are about 87-88db efficient are also easily driven.

I have heard nothing close to the SK's in their price range. Nor far above their price range. And they look great to boot.