Looking for Help with Speaker Jumper Cable Choice

I have a pair of Dali Helicon 800 speakers that I purchased used a year ago but they did not come with the factory cable jumpers.  And the speaker cables I'm using are not a bi wire setup.  

I've been using a cheap set of Audioquest Type 2 or Type 4 jumpers I had the local audio store create for me 20 years ago for the speakers I was running at the time.  

My current speaker cables are a set of first generation JPS Labs Superconductor.  I've been thinking surely I can do better than the AQ jumpers.  

I've read here that the jumpers should be as good or better than the speaker cables.  I see recommendations for Peachtree and Maze which are affordable but would they be a good fit for my system?  I do need bananas on the woofer terminals so I can clamp down the Superconductor spades on the woofer terminals.   

What would be a good affordable synergistic suggestion for replacement jumpers for my system?  
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I use DH Labs jumper cables for my JBL monitors but if you want to save some money you can try these from Maze Audio: http://www.mazeaudio.com/speaker-jumper-cables.html
and from their site you can access their eBay store.

I haven't tried them but they look to be as good as any other out there for a price you can't overlook.

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Why even bother with jumpers? Pull the speaker terminal plate, connect them internally, close it back up. If you want to sell some day another 5 min worth of soldering and they're back the way they were. 
I never thought about soldering the leads directly other binding posts what with all the discussion about jumpers that goes on.

I assume WBT 4% silver solder would be the best choice for solder?

Right. And your choice of flux. Which isn't required but when you use it and see how sweet it is.... 
If yours is like the photo on-line a couple screws and the terminal mounting plate pulls out. Look around inside. Often times the crossover is zip tied to a piece of MDF. There should be enough slack for the stock wire to reach. Or if not then to move the crossover enough to reach. Then, not that this is necessary but as long as you're in there, if it is the normal choke and cap strapped to MDF then its pretty easy to improve by putting the crossover board on cones. Or whatever. The crossover sits inside the highest vibration environment in all of audio. Just about anything you do will be an improvement!

Soldering it like this will be a lot better than any jumper you could buy. Heck you could even solder the speaker cable directly, plug the hole and set the whole terminal plate aside for in case you eventually want to sell the speakers.

Here's my observations. I’ve been playing with speaker jumpers the past three weeks. My speaker cables are quite good – Von Gaylord Chinchilla.

Pulling the brass jumpers, I tried three different jumpers. I also tried all the various jumper configurations. Jumpering up from the bass terminals was the best in my system

The three jumpers (all bananas) were: simple Supra Classic 1.6 , Wireworld Platinum Eclipse, and Duelund tinned copper (12 ga-Acoustic BBQ). My observations are the jumper will cause the speaker to sound similar to like the speaker cable used was the jumper only. Or heavily weighted that way. So, in other words, if I put in the Supra jumper, the system sounds much like I used the Supra wire as the speaker cable.

The WW Platinum Eclipse and the Duelund jumpers were clearly better in regards to accuracy and imaging. The Supra tends to bass heavy and lower resolution. The WW probably beats the Duelund by a bit in all regards, but they are pretty close. I haven’t critically listened yet. These are just my quick observations. For the money, the Duelunds are probably a bargain.

This is just what I hear in my system. Based on my observations, I would tend to think jumper as good or better than the base speaker cable should be used.