Looking for Help with Speaker Jumper Cable Choice

I have a pair of Dali Helicon 800 speakers that I purchased used a year ago but they did not come with the factory cable jumpers.  And the speaker cables I'm using are not a bi wire setup.  

I've been using a cheap set of Audioquest Type 2 or Type 4 jumpers I had the local audio store create for me 20 years ago for the speakers I was running at the time.  

My current speaker cables are a set of first generation JPS Labs Superconductor.  I've been thinking surely I can do better than the AQ jumpers.  

I've read here that the jumpers should be as good or better than the speaker cables.  I see recommendations for Peachtree and Maze which are affordable but would they be a good fit for my system?  I do need bananas on the woofer terminals so I can clamp down the Superconductor spades on the woofer terminals.   

What would be a good affordable synergistic suggestion for replacement jumpers for my system?  
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AQ Type 4 is actually a pretty good cable (better than Type 2) and should be a good choice as a jumper. The solid core LGC copper, foamed polyethylene insulation, star-quad geometry, and aggregate 15.5 awg gauge (when connected with one larger and one smaller wire to each polarity), should work just fine for what is essentially a 6-inch speaker cable.

I suggest varying how you have them connected and listening for differences to determine which you prefer. If your main SCs are connected to the LF posts with jumpers connecting to the HF posts, then try it the other way around with the main SCs connected to the HF posts and jumpers to the LF posts. Some folks report improvements by cross-connecting the main SCs with the positive SC connected to the positive HF post and the negative SC connected to the negative LF post and then connecting the jumpers. However you connect them, I doubt you will hear much (if any) improvement when comparing other speaker cable jumpers with the AQ Type 4.