Looking for Help with Speaker Jumper Cable Choice

I have a pair of Dali Helicon 800 speakers that I purchased used a year ago but they did not come with the factory cable jumpers.  And the speaker cables I'm using are not a bi wire setup.  

I've been using a cheap set of Audioquest Type 2 or Type 4 jumpers I had the local audio store create for me 20 years ago for the speakers I was running at the time.  

My current speaker cables are a set of first generation JPS Labs Superconductor.  I've been thinking surely I can do better than the AQ jumpers.  

I've read here that the jumpers should be as good or better than the speaker cables.  I see recommendations for Peachtree and Maze which are affordable but would they be a good fit for my system?  I do need bananas on the woofer terminals so I can clamp down the Superconductor spades on the woofer terminals.   

What would be a good affordable synergistic suggestion for replacement jumpers for my system?  
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I never thought about soldering the leads directly other binding posts what with all the discussion about jumpers that goes on.

I assume WBT 4% silver solder would be the best choice for solder?

I went to solder the high frequency leads directly to the low frequency binding posts last night and found the wires are terminated with a female flat spade connector which slides onto the male spade tab that is clamped/nutted to each binding post.  I'm not inclined to cut and solder the leads on.  

High Fidelity jumpers are out of my price range but thank you for the recommendation.  I actually stopped into their shop in TX last March to look at some used speakers they were selling.  They have some nice equipment and are very nice people.  

As Mitch2 suggested, I have already tested the speaker cables connected to the low frequency posts versus the high frequency posts.  It sounds better connected to the low frequency posts.  I haven't tried positive to low and negative to high and vice versa and will give that a shot.  

My goals were twofold with my original post.  
1. upgrade the jumpers
2. obtain jumpers with spade on one end and banana on the other.  

It sounds like I just need to find four decent banana plugs and replace one spade end with a banana on my current jumpers.  

"But I lie awake at night worrying whether jumpers are directional."  
Agon needs a "like" tag option on posts like other forums offer.  I like your comment.  

As for going for some JPS jumpers, I struggle with spending $400 on a set when the cables cost half that.  

MillerCarbon - I'm totally capable of cutting off the female spades and stripping and soldering the wires direct to the male spades of the clamp tabs.  So far in this hobby I have not been a "modifier" other than trying different cables to optimize the sound so it didn't cross my mind.  These speakers were a craigslist scratch and dent purchase so it's not like I'd be compromising them any more than some of the scars they already have.  

I'll lie awake for a night or two pondering cutting and soldering direct and report back if I decide to take this approach.