Looking for help on tube preamp

I want to change out my ss preamp to tube pre. I now have a Musical Concepts mct-3 with out board power supply. I have demo,d two Consonance pre Cyber 222 and T-1. The T-1 sounds best in my system, but I am wondering if, I can get more bottom end out of tube pre amps? The mids, soundstage,top end are better but I lost a good deal of low end impact. Can I tube roll or look for a different pre amp? Is it possible to get what I want from tubes for around $1000.00? Any help would be great.
What is the input impedance of your power amp? Tube preamps without cathode followers can have somewhat highish output impedances, which could cause the bass weakness that you are hearing.
Viridian The input impedance is 100k. Not sure of the ouput of the pre amp
Well, that should be plenty high, so it doesn't seem like an impedance mismatch is the issue. Contact Audiogon member trelja, he is the importer of the Consonance products. Joe is a great guy and will give you honest and forthright guidance on his products.