looking for help on infinity drivers

cannot find drivers or replacement drivers for kappa9 need info.
Write an email to Infinity with your exact model and year and the drivers you need. It will take them a while to respond but they will write back with a list of drivers and prices and you can order from them direct. Note that while they are not *high-end* (read "expensive), their drivers aren't cheap. Figure anywhere from $20-80 each, depending on size. While you're emailing them, ask for a crossover schematic and TS parameters as well. I got them to send me the schematic but not the TS parameters -- maybe you'll have better luck. Shawn
i just replaced four woofers on my kappa 9's they are not cheap($150 each!)so watch out. If you need refoaming, try doing it yourself.
Just replaced one of my woofers in my Kappa 8's.Called Infinity at 1-800-553-3332.Gave them the part number on the back of the magnet on my damaged woofer.Had the replacement speaker in about a week.I think the replacement speaker ran about $150.00.Hope this helps.
If you're blowing woofers, they must not be too powerful. I blew an ElectroVoice 15 inch woofer once, but it took a very powerful Crown amp to do it, playing out doors...heh heh.
Carl, My wife and I moved from Fl. to Id. In the process of moving, and after unpacking, I noticed that one of the woofers had collapsed. Have no idea what had caused this. Nothing touched the speakers during the move (we were very careful of that). I believe that it would take one very powerful amp to blow a woofer on the Infinity speakers. These speakers could activate the protection circuitry on my old Phase Linear amp with ease, and finally fried the amp. They also could shut down my MX1000, and it's rated to drive @ 2ohm loads. That's one of the reasons we switched to the Legacy Focus. Also being a much better speaker helped too. No problems now. Just sweet music with plenty of volume.