Looking for great tube integrated for Martin Logan Summit X speakers

I've had upgrade fever every since I added bass traps and acoustic panels to my listening room and wondered why I didn't do that years ago.  So I've decided to change my Plinius Hautonga integrated and make the plunge to tubes. I want that sound, and the thought of tube rolling appeals to me.  I was leaning toward the Primaluna Dialogue HP integrated, but after doing more reading, I'm concerned that it won't have adequate power due to the Summit's impedance needs.  I'm admittedly a novice with tubes, so seeking help from the forum.   My room is about 12x15, with the area behind my listening position open for an additional eight feet.  I don't listen at high volumes at all, and my favorite music is female jazz, smooth jazz, Nora Jones type vocals.  Music comes from SACDs and Tidal exclusively - I have no analogue gear.

The rest of my gear:
  • Gustard x20u DAC modified by Rick Schultz
  • Oppo 103D for SACDs modified by Rick Schultz
  • Bryston BDP-1 music streamer
Will I be happy with the Primaluna, or do you have other suggestions in the $5,000 range?  Or should I stay away from tubes for these speakers?

Appreciate your opinions!

Should be an interesting shootout.

Technical specs/graphs may indicate absolutes, but it won't guarantee what your ears like.

The PL certainly will equal, if not best the Sanders in build quality/detail.

Just spoke to Roger at Sanders. I ordered the ESL Mk II

Sanders amps are a great anmps and match for his ESL's which is said are not as hard to drive as the Summits.

Read this owner with one, that keeps popping fuses with the ML Montis which are a little easier to drive compared to your Summits. 


Cheers George
Looking forward to the results.

I agree with tablejockey, graphs are meaningless if you don't like the sound. I've owned/auditioned my share of flat-measuring gear that sounded lifeless and uninspiring. 

Whichever amp has you jonesing to fire up your system each night is the one you should pick.
graphs are meaningless if you don’t like the sound

True, but all graphs and measurements are the basis for a good product They save a lot of time if you can understand them selecting the good from the bad. And can save you a lot of time knowing what will be compatible electronically with what, instead of wasting money and time on things that have no chance of being compatible.   
Knowing if they have a good Electronic Engineering design to start with, and are not just a poor design that’s someone has thrown together in a nice glitzy box without any regard for measurements or testing.

Cheers George
well, the Primaluna arrived and I set it up last night.  It needs about 100 hours to break it in, but of course I couldn't resist and started listening to music right away.  Mind you, the Plinius is a great Integrated, but man was I blown away by the imaging, sound, and control of my Summit X speakers.  It was absolutely beautiful.  As though my speakers came alive.  This is a HUGE step up for me.

George and others, what should I listen for that will show me the limitations of tubes with my speakers?  Is there specific music that will make this apparent to me?  I want to make sure I grasp the effect of the impedance shortfall of tubes before I listen to the Sanders.

I also received the Sanders ESL amp today.  Going this route will be more expensive because I would have to buy a preamp eventually.  I plan to use the Plinius as a preamp initially if this is the route I go.

I will listed to the Primaluna for about a week, then move to the Sanders.  Setup takes time to move back and forth, so I'll probably spend about a week or so with each and then make a decision.

Thanks everyone!