Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...

Most of my listeing is female vocals and classic Jazz.  I have enjoyed current and older female singers.  I have most of Billie Holiday through current Diana Krall and Julia Fordham.  I enjoy good voices mainly acoustic.  It would be helpful if it is music I can sample online.  If the backing is mainly loud elctronic I would likely pass.  Thanks for your thoughts and experience. 


I recent had an interesting experience at a friend’s house. He has a terrific system using a very high end digital kit. Maybe around $50K.

We listened to several cuts the digital then the analog.

I was somewhat subjectively convinced of the superiority of vinyl when hearing C,S,N &Y. As a lifetime guitar guy, I am very familiar with the tone of a $250K+ old Martin the likes of which David Crosby plays. The tone of his guitar on digital sound great. But the tone with analog TT clearly sounded like an old Martin. There was no comparison. Analog hands down. Not just incredible detail but incredible reality!


Give a listen (or more) to Susanne Sundfør's wonderful album Music for People in Trouble. Not only she's got a beautiful voice, the lyrics is also something else (plus, from an audiophile perspective, you'll enjoy all the ambient noises). It's been on my turntable regularly for years, and I can't get bored of its beauty.

Someone mentioned early Linda Ronstadt, but the three albums of standards she did with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra would definitely fit the bill.

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