Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...

Most of my listeing is female vocals and classic Jazz.  I have enjoyed current and older female singers.  I have most of Billie Holiday through current Diana Krall and Julia Fordham.  I enjoy good voices mainly acoustic.  It would be helpful if it is music I can sample online.  If the backing is mainly loud elctronic I would likely pass.  Thanks for your thoughts and experience. 


If you enjoy Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald I recommend Cecile McLorin Salvant.

Robinella and the CC string band

Rosanne Cash. Rules of Travel

KD Lang. Hymns of the 49th Parallel




Possibly now viewed as quite uncool:

Julie London, 'Around Midnight' album1960

Doris Day, Secret Love among many others

Lani Hall (already mentioned) Sergio Mendez &B66 'Equinox' 1967

Swingle Singers, especially with Christiane Legrand (Michel's sister), but the modern incarnations are also good and well recorded, e.g. Bach hits back

Surprised not to see Sarah Vaughn mentioned yet...