Looking for good quality Bob Seger cds

I was listening to Bob Seger's greatest hits the other night and realized how bad the sound quality is. I'm looking for some really good mastered Seger cds to add to my collection. Are there any out there that qualify?
"Night Moves" on DCC Gold from 10 years ago or so.

good luck!
I have a number of Bob Seger LPs and none of them sounded particularly good. Fair to below average. Considering that, finding a good digital version doesn't seem too likely.

Let us know if you find something.

I have the DCC Night Moves coming via mail from an Audiogoner--I'll let you know how it sounds. I was hoping that someone might have a good source for his other music.
I own the 1999 remasters of Night Moves and 'Live' Bullet in the cardboard mini-album sleeves done by Punch Andrews at Capitol Mastering and the 2001 remaster of Stranger in Town done by Robert Vosgien also at Capitol. They are all standard aluminum cd's but sound quite a bit better and with more sparkle than the old flat-sounding cd's they replaced. I do not have the vinyl LP's or the DCC version to compare to, though.

Still not up to the lush recording quality of, say, a good Patricia Barber cd, but they are very listenable to my ears anyways. Should still be available at Amazon.com -jz