looking for good amp match with jm labs 920.1

I am currently using a mccormack dna1 amp to drive the jm labs 920.1 electra speakers and they sound a bit boomy in my 12'x21' room. does anyone have experience with other amp setups?
the boominess is probably related to room acoustics, rather than amp choice.
put the speakers on the long wall and well away from corners and walls if possible, you may need room treatment or more furniture to absorb some of the bass energy.
...getting some more CD/LP storage and certainly more software will definitely help(if wife allowes)

just kidding,
I have Electra 915.5's tied to a McIntosh MA6500 integrated amp. My listening room is only 12'x 15'. The speakers are spaced 8' apart, 18" from the long, back wall and 3' from the side walls. They are toed in toward the listening position which is centered 8' from each speaker. The bass response is very detailed and accurate. Make sure to use the supplied spikes and discs.

try the bryton power amp you can have a suprise 3bst or 4bst
very clean medium,tweeter,tide bass.