Looking for foam surrounds for SD 300ti

Sound Dynamics 300ti. Midrange foam has disintegrated. Can't seem to find right size:

Frame od: 5"
frame id 4"
OD of speaker cone.....3 1/4"
flat edge for gluing surround to speaker 1/8:

Why do people refer to these as 4.5" speakers???
Everything gets exagerated I find. So if they can call it 4.5 inches based on the frame dimensions they will. I don't know if my old friend Bill at Millersound repairs this size speaker anymore but there is no more honest guy in the business. Try the Millersound contact numbers etc. and see if he has the right foam to sell you or fix it for you. His work is impecable.
Check with http://www.speakerrepair.com/. They should have something that will be the right fit to repair your speakers.
Also check:


Midwest Speaker Repair

Simply Speakers



I refoamed a pair of 6.5" EPI woofers several years ago. It took me a couple of hours and was pretty simple. The speakers still work fine.
Non of these places could help. The SD 300ti midrange is evidently a very odd size. The speaker itself is quite small relative to the frame. Not to worry, though. I found a local (Baltimore) guy that says he can fabricate a surround if necessary, by cutting and gluing pre-fabricated surrounds. Will take them to him. Also a California place said the same, but I would have ship them.
You might find this thread helpful. I think this is the McPeak Sound that the OP was talking about.

Also, these might fit.
I also need foam surrounds for my 300Ti mids. I measured the surrounds while still attached to to the basket and cone, with a dial caliper, and the O.D is 4.5" and I.D is 2.875". That will allow a 3/16 overlap on the cone if the cone O.D. is 3 1/4" Does that seem right?