Looking for floorstading Non-tower speakers

Hey everybody,

 I  absolutely despise the look of tower speakers. I am running EPI 150's that I bought from the original owner(1970ish) They are all original and sound pretty darn good. I want to upgrade my speakers in the $2000 range. I have found the Forte III and JBL l100 classic but they are $4000. I am thinking about the Wharfedale Linton Classics but do not know lots about them. Any experiences or feedback? I also thought about rebuilding the EPI's with the kit from Human speakers. I just wonder if I should rebuild first and if I am not satisfied upgrade to the Lintons? Any other floorstading speakers that have a more traditional look?

Thank you in advance
Upgrade the EPI's and use the money saved for improvements in the rest of the system.
Klipsch Heresy IIIs should be relatively inexpensive as they just came out with the IV version. Both are non towering towers, and my experience  (the IIIs) with 'em is they're a great sounding design and a cool size.
I think you're on to something with the Lintons.  They have had a series of wonderful reviews, and I think they represent excellent value for money.  I believe you might be able to try them at home on a trial period from somewhere like Crutchfield.
Interesting. I didnt know you could return for anything other then damage. I think I am going to check them out. Thanks!
I also ordered the rebuild for my EPI's. Then I can compare and....probobly keep both!