Looking for feedback from Jadis DA-60 owners...

Considering moving from solid state separates (Rowland 112, Synergy II) to Jadis DA-60 Integrated. Any feedback would be appreciated, since I am not able to demo before purchase.
As the US/Canada presence of Jadis has fallen off to virtually nothing, I am not sure if you are going to find many DA60 owners. Thankfully, I now see that there is a gentleman here on Audiogon representing the brand, Pierregabriel. Hopefully, Jadis will return to being a formidable marque. Believe me when I tell you that their products are too special not to be available to us and battle the likes of Audio Research, Cary, and VAC.

While I do not own the DA60, I did audition the amplifier.

In the end, I instead purchased the Orchestra Reference.

My impressions were that the DA60 offered advantages in the areas of power(2X the KT90), tube standby, larger transformers, an active linestage, and autobias.

The Orchestra Reference offered a much lower price(1/3), tone controls, and better cosmetics.

Sonically, they were both more than excellent. I fell in love with Jadis for its ability to render the female voice, and also to be able to produce the lower frequencies with authority. Nothing I found in my search(and I tried to listen to everything) reached me as did the Jadis amplifiers. Personally, the differences I found sonically between the Orchestra Reference, DA30, and DA60 to be smaller rather than larger. The DA30/DA60 were a bit more romantic and would grip the woofer of a low impedence loudspeaker more authoritatively.

The question came down to did I need twice the tubes(with my speakers) - the DA60. I did not. Then, did I need an active linestage - the DA30. Again, I did not. Would I be interested in trying a passive linestage and tone controls - the Orchestra Reference. Yes. Was the lowest price of the 3 by far a draw. Yes, again. And, on the WAF side, the cosmetics are the best. I would appreciate autobias, however.

If you would please, what speakers do you intend to drive and what will be the room size? This would factor into my recommendation. From your Jeff Rowland reference, it appears that you will potentially be driving speakers of at a least moderately demanding load. If so, you should consider the DA60 over the other Jadis integrated.

One thing I would say is that if you are at all hesitant, you should try everything in your power to audition the amplifier. Resale of a Jadis amp is not exactly a walk in the park. It would be better to come to the conclusion that you are buying it because the sonics melted you down into a puddle and intend to make it a lifetime purchase.
Trelja: thanks much for your reply. To answer your question, I am using Audio Physic Virgo III speakers that I like very much. They are a 4 ohm speaker, with a 90db sensitivity and a 34Hz-40kHz frequency range. My room size is 17' x 22' x 8.5'(C.H.). My current rowland set up is very satisfying, but I somehow feel that I am missing some of the life I had with my past tube set up. I agree with you on cosmetics. The Orchestra is quite stunning.

What cd player do you use with your Orchestra?
Pmavridis, I am using a Sony SCD333ES SACD player with the Jadis Orchestra Reference.

From your room size and speakers, I would think that any of the Jadis integrateds would be fine. My room is about the same size as yours, but with an 8 foot ceiling. I am able to drive a pair of Fried speakers with no trouble, and while not a bear to drive, they are not very easy either.

Maybe I am out of line, but I would think that you don't need 8 KT90 output tubes, but they won't be a big deal either. It would just be extra heat/electricity. At first glance, I think 4 tubes would be fine. Maybe the DA30 or Orchestra Reference would be a good fit. I wouldn't step down to the Orchestra, however. Its EL34 are not as strong, but you can always use the EL34 in the Orchestra Reference if you fall in love with that tube's midrange. You would have the benefit of the larger transformers.

Good luck!