Looking for fado music that is well recorded.

Just came back from Portugal. Had a chance to listen to live fado music a couple of times. Loved it.  Purchased a couple CDs from the artists, recording quality average at best.  The emotion and feelings just don’t come through when the recording is bad.  And yes, I know that nothing will replace the intimacy of the live performance in a small backstreet cafe.  Hmmm. Great memories.

Does anyone know of fado recordings (red book cd) that are really great recording? Audiophile quality?

Hoping there are some Portuguese audiophiles out there!


Fado classics, like anything by great Amalia Rodriquez will be poor sound quality.  I like Ricardo Ribeiro (try Porta de Coracao) and Antonio Zambujo.  Both are great, but Ribeiro is considered one of the finest fado singers of our generation.

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Unfortunately many of the recordings are not of high quality. It is such an intimate and personal experience...difficult to duplicate. 
You could try this, though I don't have the cd, I listened to her on youtube.
What a coincidence. I'd just watched a Rick Steves' trip to Lisbon on KCET and Fado was part of the journey; listening to the sad and love torn songs as he ate. Anyone could sing including a cook who took a break from the kitchen. 

Here's an article on where it's now heading and some links I could find on the music: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2005/nov/18/worldmusic.popandrock





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