Looking for exceptional monitors for $2000 max

I have my regular system of which the speakers may be too big for our next place. I will have to wait to hear how my Pass Hales system works in it's new smaller environment. The Jungson Deity 2's in my second system are good but they don't come anywhere near the Hales. The're not supposed to. They are nice for a second system but I am looking for a Monitor that will match the quality of the Hales or surpass it.I see some Monitors on sale for $300 and I see some for $8000. If I sell my Hales I'll have around $2000 , so I'm hoping, towards a pair of Monitors. The Jungson Deity's 2 speakers are nice but are not in the same league as the Hales. I've tried the Jungson Monitors in my Pass room and I was unimpressed hoping for allot more. I need to get serious monitors. Please advise.
the acoustic suspension hales will adapt nicely to a nearfield listening area. otherwise a gb 1 pmc floorstander or ohm micro walsh....there's no need to loose the bottom end.
Check out Genelec 8050A Active speakers....they are good enough for George Massenburg! You would need to find a pair of second hand ones to suit your price range...but you did ask for exceptional and exceptional they are. The term "monitor" is actually meaningful in this case.
Spendor and Harbeth should definitely be on your shortlist. These companies have been leading the pack of BBC-class monitors for several decades now.
If you wanna go active, IMO, check out Blue Sky Pro Media or Sky System Ones. Both are below your limit, I believe. Both are unbelievable for the price. Very few even come close!!!

Going passive, check out the links below:


Bookshelf 3-way (compact), +/-1.5 db variance, all for under 1K per pair.

Now this one...this is the one you're gonna write home to momma about. Little known company...designer and co-founder is a good buddy of mine. I was floored first audition. Took whatever media I could give it, and then some.

Check it out.