Looking for dynaudio 24w100 8ohm woofers!

Hi guys
I’m looking for dynaudio 24w100 8ohm woofers.l need 2 for replacements.
Thanks for the reply, yes the surrounds were in need of a replacement, but on further inspection I realized that the spiders were worn out and the woofers were bottoming out with out pushing them hard at all. I brought them to a speaker repair shop which confirmed they need new spiders and foam surrounds. Also from the woofers bottoming out the coils could be damaged as well. I just bought these speakers second hand with the intentions of rebuilding them. 
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Hi,I want to buy 6 new 24w100 8ohm too.Is your product still on sale?The link you gaved can not see . 
Please contact email:jackosnn12@163.com.Thanks.