Looking for dynaudio 24w100 8ohm woofers!

Hi guys
I’m looking for dynaudio 24w100 8ohm woofers.l need 2 for replacements.
I have looked everywhere, there discontinued. 
There is one listing on eBay in Germany but he won’t ship to Canada. 
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I am guessing the the foam surrounds gave up which is to expected with Dynaudios of this vintage.. I would inquire about having the surrounds replaced, buying used will only delay the inevitable.   IN the US I can highly recommend Bill at Millersound
yes new surrounds for 24w100’s is not a big deal. Happens all the time.

The proper surround is available, and that woofer is still world class.

When I did a pair of 30w54’s, I obtained the original proper surrounds from Germany. The seller was in Europe, as expected. Search out the original surrounds, or make sure the person who does them is educated enough and enough of an audiophile in orientation, or perfectionist enough, that they do it right, by using the correct surrounds.
Thanks for the reply, yes the surrounds were in need of a replacement, but on further inspection I realized that the spiders were worn out and the woofers were bottoming out with out pushing them hard at all. I brought them to a speaker repair shop which confirmed they need new spiders and foam surrounds. Also from the woofers bottoming out the coils could be damaged as well. I just bought these speakers second hand with the intentions of rebuilding them. 
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Hi,I want to buy 6 new 24w100 8ohm too.Is your product still on sale?The link you gaved can not see . 
Please contact email:jackosnn12@163.com.Thanks.