Looking for Digital Transport Recommendations

Looking for Digital CD Transport Recommendations to best match Space Tech Lab DA-64XT-Super DAC. I like the sound of this DAC with its Vacuum Tubes. I am looking for a decent CD Transport that has a Balanced Digital Output somewhere in the $1000.00 to $1500.00 range. The Balanced Digital Input on the DA-64XT-Super sounds the best as far as Digital Inputs are concerned. Anyone out there with experience using Space Tech Lab DAC's or a Space Tech Lab System? Can anyone recommend a CD Transport with Digital Balanced Output that sounds good with their Space Tech Lab System? Even an older model Transport would be concidered.
Why don't you get one of Albert's Transports with Balanced output.
I demoed one for a few days and it really made a nice improvement, Clarity was outstanding, really low noise floor, very good extension, both top and bottom.

99% of most digital gear use switching power supplies which are very noisy.
Albert uses Linear Power Supplies in all his digital gear, DACs as well.

Draw back is no remote!
Thank-you Benie,
Was using one of Albert's CD-002. The Electrical Environment I live in has ALOT of NOISE on the Power Lines. Every Powerline Conditioner tried, failed to remove this HORRENDOUS amount of noise. In this Environment, the CD-002 Power Supply would overheat and shut down. It is not the Units fault, and Albert tried his damnest to adapt the Unit. It is the location that I live in, with its Highly unusual and Exceptional Power Line Distortion. Albert has had CD-002's utilized by customers in U.S. without any problems. Again, the problem is the Power Supply in the area that I live.
I finally switched the CD-002 for a modified Samsung CD/DVD player with Albert's excellent sounding Balanced Digital Output. As part of the exchange, Albert included one of his STR-104 Power Rectifiers to go with my STL DAC. I have been enjoying my CD's like I have never have before. Albert has been really patient, and a real Gentleman throughout this ordeal. I still remember how that CD-002 sounded. It really fit the other STL Equipment like a glove. More air and ambience than I have ever heard from a Digital System. Would have loved to have kept it, if it wasn't for the area I live in. This Sonic Heaven would last for about 45 min. before the CD-002 would be overcome with the Horrendous Power Line Distortion. The Samsung was an amazing surprise, I guess that I just wanted to upgrade to try and get a little closer to what that CD-002 sounded like. Yeah, I know, lots a luck! I will let you know how that is going for me! Yeah, I know, a Samsung CD/DVD Player? Well sometimes fact is a whole hell of allot more Bizarre than fiction! It does sound that good with this System! Can't explain it, deserves to be recorded in the Halls of "RIPLEY'S BELEIVE IT OR NOT"! I am willing to put it out there despite the ridicule. I call it an " Unexplained Fidelity Observation "! Anyone else hear another U.F.O. out there during their lifetime?