Looking for DAC with certain features.

Hi, I am looking for the "perfect" cd playback system, and I am wondering if such a beast exists. Here is what I want ...

1. tube output stage
2. multiple digital inputs
3. upsampling to at least 24/96 or better
4. volume control
5. good sound
6. cost $2000 or under

so far, the Cary 308T fits all but #2, the 303/200 (used) fits all but 1. Sadly these are important things.

Other things I am considering are a Jadis DAC (but hard to find used, no volume control) Kora (also no volume, people selling here have failed to return my email), Electrocompaniet (no volume, no tubes), etc ...

Is there something I am missing? Any suggestions?

My taste in music includes everything just about, though there has been an acoustic revival lately. Also, I like lushness, warmth, and bigness in the sound, and I love tubes. Really, if the 308T had a digital input i would buy it tomorrow ...

Other equipment -- Linn (analogue), CAL (dac), Melos (pre), Sumo (power), Cardas/Kimber.


I don't think that anyone makes a unit with all of the features you desire. You ought to consider one of the Modwright players with the tubed output stage. I think you would be pleased with one.
I don't know if Cary would add an additonal input to a 308T for you, but it's worth asking (though the customizing would raise the price).

My advice is to find a player with a good output stage and don't worry if it's tube or SS. A compromised tube output stage design is still a compromised design. My EVS Millenium DAC 2 (info at tweakaudio.com) has a handmade FET SS output stage and it's great. To me it sounds like music, not tubes or SS.
I don't think that anyone makes a unit with all of the features you desire.

It actually looks like the Manley Wave is exactly what I want, other then the $7500 price tag ...
That $7500 is a bit of a problem if your budget is $2000.
Indeed. I decided to go with the Cary 303/200. I think I'll get the tube-iness from the preamp, and otherwise it fits the bill pretty well.