looking for DAC

hi ,guys i like to know which DAC is good in sound quality Mytek Digital Brooklyn DAC+ and ifi pro idsd  i just read their review i never listen so i don't know which one is better in sound quality.  my bugect is around 2500
 thank you guys .
For just PCM, the Benchmark DAC3 or Chord Qutest are significantly better.

For DSD, going of the Stereophile measurements of only those models you mentioned, the Mytek is better.

DSD has no technical benefits in regards to audibility, so I personally would get the Benchmark or Chord; or the upcoming Okto DAC8 Stereo, their 8ch one is already released and is fantastic, both using the ESS 9038Pro chip, the stereo model is combining 4ch into 1ch (2x for stereo), for better S/N.
thank you for your suggestions .
For that price, I would get the Benchmark without the analog inputs and volume control. I would use a preamp + Benchmark DAC3 B ($1700). I owned the DAC3 HGC and I realized I wanted a better volume control than available on the HGC.