Looking for computer program to catalog cds LPS

Does anyone know of a dedicated music program which catalogs your music collection and includes artists catalog , song lists etc. Thanks!
Here are two that I know of, fIrst is at EBAY and sold frequently. Copied and pasted here:

Smart SOFTWARE for your CD & Music LIBRARY
Item # 887321787
Buy It Now for US $23.95

Second is from Acoustic Sounds, at 1-800-716-3553

The Complete Music and Video Library System by S Keeptrack for US $59.95

Trial version at www.acousticsounds.com
I'm using CD Trustee. http://www.base40.com/ .Very cool program. You can even store CD cover art with the listing. ( Cut and Paste from Amazon, it fits perfectly)

Automatically catalog your music collection, with no typing! Save months of tedious work. Just insert and remove each CD in your computer. Press a button and the artists, albums, song titles, genres and more are gathered automatically and loaded into your own database for easy access. Quickly find any song or album. Print reports to show friends your collection for trading. Print jewel case covers with song lists and cover images. Keep track of loaned or borrowed albums, rate them, and keep lyrics and notes. Stop buying duplicates, and have a list of your collection for insurance purposes. Even organize your computer CDs, cassettes, vinyl LPs, or other tapes and discs. CD Trustee also plays CDs and identifies the album and songs playing. Only $29.95 (US), and a $10 discount is currently available. This program runs on Microsoft Windows
Tedwash: I read your post a couple hours ago and bought CD Trustee off the net and downloaded it. I already have over 300 of my cds in the data base. It really does work well and provides amazing info and flexibility. I would like to think that I will get around to adding all the album covers, but doubt it. anyway, thanks for the info
There is a great section in microsoft works that lists all information about CDs, LPs, etc. What's great about it is that microsoft works comes with your computer so you don't have to buy anything; and you can sort your listings three
different ways at a time. For example, you can arrange all of the composers in your list in alphabetical order. Then you can subsort all of the categories of music (overtures, symphonies, etc.)that each composer wrote in alphabetical order. Finally under each category, you can subsort again by listing the title of each work in alphabetical or numeric order. The variety of sorts and subsorts is endless.

To list and sort items in microsoft works, click on the following categories. Click on: microsoft works, then click on: household management, then click on: home inventory, then click on: yes,run task wizard, then click on: cd and tapes and also: create it, then click on: list view (this icon button is at the top of the page to the right of the underline button.

Needless to say, create and save your file before you begin your work.
I will third Ted's suggestion regarding CDTrustee. I did not know about the program in MSWorks...will have to give that one a go...