Looking for colored sound. . . I think.

I recently purchased an NAD 370. The amp is awesome. It has great full sound with terrific detail and clarity. There's only one problem. I'm really sensitive to the highs. The detail and clarity is just too much for me. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, I know. I just need something smoother. I guess I'm looking for an amp/receiver that colors the sound a bit.

Is there anything out there you might recommend? This for 2 channel music only.

NAD typically has a pretty soft and warm sound to it. Most of their gear is considered to be less than "articulate" or "overly detailed" sounding and tends to error on the "musical" side of neutral. If you are experiencing piercing highs with this unit, you might want to look elsewhere in your signal chain. Sean
What speakers do you have the NAD matched with?
Your amp may sound smoother after 100 hours or so, but I wouldn't bet on it. Trouble is that your ears are too good for this kind of solid state sound. Can't recommend anything specific without knowing more about the rest of your system, but I'll bety you'd like Conrad Johnson tubed equipment. Good luck, Dave
My speakers are Onix Rocket RS750 Sig Series. I'm beginning to wonder if they are the culprit.
I agree with Sean. I'm not familar with your speakers, however your complaints could also be consistent with speaker/room interfacing problems. Have you investigated and expirimented with set up issues? Speaker toe in? Floor coverings? Deadening first reflection points on the side walls etc. Don't get on a speaker buying jag until you have delt with these issues or you'll probably hate your new speakers (or amp, etc) as well.
Thanks Newbee.
I'm really limited in what I can do in this room. There's only one place they can go. I've tried toe in but that just points the tweeter right at my head. There is carpet in the room which is good.

I'm going to hook the speaks up to my HK525 to see how they sound there and then I'll hook up the NAD to the DefTechs to see how they sound.
I hope I can figure it out that way.
I'm forced to disagree with Sean here. I've never found NAD to be particularly smooth. It's always been a bit hot and harsh to my ear. That's not to say it's unmusical though. It is. My guess is that this combo is just a little too bright.

Just as an experiment, you might try tilting the speaker back (or forward depending on where the tweeter is). That might take some edge off the sound.
Break it in at least 1 month and report back - if you have not done this already.
I'm having the same experience with the highs on the rocket 750 sigs, with rather different ss electronics: detailed and precise, but somehow brittle, in a way I find fatiguing. The 750s seem very sensetive to placement, and like to be far into my room, but this doesn't seem the effect the quality of the highs you mention. jmd
Try some cheap MIT T-2 or T-3 interconnects and/or speaker cables.
I know its a band-aid fix,but if they stop your ears from bleeding,who cares?
David 99;
Thanks for the suggestion (and description of the problem ;-). I'm using signalcable ICs and SCs now; think I'd notice much difference with a change in cabling close to that price point?