Looking for cheap, basic preamp.

What's a good preamp that will allow me the following functions:
-switch 4 sources (CD, DVD, TV/dig cable box, Mac G4)
-have a high pass filter/sub output

I'll be using it in a 2 channel bedroom setup. The speakers will be powered Swan M200's with a Klipsch SWS sub(maybe). I'd like to cutoff the lowest freq.(50-60hz and below) and have them sent to the SWS sub. I don't want to spend much on the preamp(maybe $200 tops) and am hoping to find a good unit used with these functions in that price range.

Thanks for any input,

I'd try an Adcom GFP 555. For that money it's a pretty decent preamp.
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Would a simple AV selector work in this application as well? Something like this:

I'd like something like that with a remote. I know that has auto sensing but I'd like to go straight through the TV speakers at times(not the Swans) and I don't want it to auto sense to the dig cable box input(I leave the dig cable box on time mostly). Again, I just need to input my CD, DVD, TV/dig cable box and G4(for MP3's/internet radio) into the powered Swans. The Swans have volume and tone controls on them. They have RCA inputs BTW. The G4 will output via an Griffin iMic usb DA converter.

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Does anyone else have any suggestions on how to switch these components? I need a remote and again hopefully some sort of high pass filter/sub crossover. I could go for an integrated amp but the amp section would never get used(the Swans have an amp built in).

Thanks for any more input,