Looking for Cello and Guitar

I am looking for some recording of cello and guitat together. I have found several that feature both, but they also include other instruments in the mix. Can anyone suggest some recordings with ONLY cello and guitar?
I am not sure, but try Arturo Delmoni, music for Cello and Guitar, or, is Violins and Guitar? Like I said, I'm not sure. Good luck in your hunt anyway.
I may be grabbin' at straws here...you didn't mention vocals, or what genre of music you were looking for. There are a few Damien Rice songs that feature acoustic guitar and cello, but they do have vocals.

Bella Fleck has done some interesting combinations of stringed instruments, but I don't think any are just those two.

Thanks, I appreciate all the good leads. Mostly, I am looking for cello/guitar solo, any kind of music. I love all kinds of music. Recently, I heard a cello player friend of mine play while another friend played the guitar and it was really hypnotic. Mind you, these friends are no high-end talent, so I was wondering what real players could do.
Guitar & Cello duo - Silueta on the Centaur label

Nice recording and great performance

Jax2 mentioned Bela Fleck who is the person I thought of.

It's certainly not an exact match, but take a look at "Uncommon Ritual" featuring Fleck, Mike Marshall and Edgar Meyer on a range of instruments including guitar, mandolin, banjo and bass (bowed and plucked). No cello, but it's one of my favorite CDs.
May not be what you're looking for, but i relly dig these:

Vincent Courtois - Translucide

David Fiuczynski - Kif

David Eyges - Ace (Electric Cello, No Guitar, but who
needs one)

Louis Sclavis - Napoli's Walls or L' affrontment des

Koch/Schutz/Studer - Chocshut or Hardcore Chamber Music

Bill Frisell - Lookout For Hope or Before We Were Born or Where In The World

Erik Friedlander - Grains of Paradise or Maldoror (solo cello)

Alamaailman Vasarat - any

Uzva - Tammikuinen Tammela

Cello is big favorite w/ me, but seems to often be an in between instrument. There's alot of overlap w/ Viola, Cello and Acoustic Bass and alot of overlap w/ electric Cello and Electric Guitar. At a Frisell concert w/ Hank Roberts (Cello) there was no easy way (or point) in trying to separate who was doing what. Definitely an artistic high point for both players, (i think they are both on the Richter 858 cd).
Are you thinking only of classical music? Norman and Nancy Blake play guitar and cello on a number of their recordings. But this is traditional Appalachian music/bluegrass/old-time stuff. And they are very good indeed in those styles.