Looking for CDP w/tube output and upsampling

I recently tried out an Audio Aero Prima, Audio Aero Capitole and a Shanling CD players. I really like the tube output and upsampling. The Capitole was wonderful but the pirce may be a bit high unless I eliminated my Belles 20A preamp and went direct Capitole to amp. If I were to keep the preamp, any suggestions on a cdp with upsampling and tube output. Budget allows for about a $2000 piece either new or used. My music tastes are moving towards jazz and classical since the purchase of the tube preamp.
Thanks Troy
I own a Consonance Droplet CDP that has this. New is about $2700...I've owned other, much more expensive cdp's and this is tops to me.
I listen to the same type of music. Last year I sold my BAT VK50SE and purchased the Capitol mkII and never looked back. I use a Cary V12R with oil cap upgrade and a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio's. To me, going direct sounded much better and I sold off the preamp, a pair of interconnects and power cord. You could use those funds towards the purchase of the CDP or to buy more music!
I purchased a used Opera Audio Consonance Reference 2.2 CD player on Audiogon for $1000. However, I ended up listening to all of my jazz, acoustic, and other gentler music via the balanced outputs, which do not use the tube. And only use the RCA outputs, which use the tube, for rock. This unit has a volume control but I'm unable to try it without my pre-amp since I'm using an integrated with no power ins. I think it's awesome for one grand.
I'm very happy with a Cary 308T, with tube output (12AU7 X 2), upsampling (that can be switched off), HDCD capable and variable output. You can find them new for about $2k and they should up used for much less.

Good Luck!
Hi. I use a Metronome C1A DAC, which combines 24/192 upsampling and tubed output and which replaced my previous AA Prima dac. In my ears the Metronome is the better sounding. You can find info on the website of Metronome. There are a few previous models of Metronome integrated cdplayers for sale here on Gon. I never heard them, but I guess they offer kind of the same color of sound.