Looking for CDP/ss amp 3K each

I'm in the market for both CDP and ss amp and have 3K to spend for each. My preference for a CDP is something neutral, fast, and airy. Redbook only, not interested in universal or SACD players. Passive linestage a plus. Speakers are B&W 802 but will be upgrading those also. Any suggestiions? Thanks!
New or used? Balanced or not? What spkrs. will you be upgrading to? Size of room? Room treatments? How's the AC?

You mention passive linestage a plus. How does that fit into the equation?
I am selling a Musical Fidelity KW500 for a friend that lost his job that fits your needs. Musical Fidelity is often paired with B&W and my friend was using 802's with it.
I'm thinking used unless I can find a decent price on new. I would prefer balanced. I plan to stick with B&W speakers but a larger, newer version with diamond tweeters. My room is decent sized, something like 21 x 15. Would be great if the CDP had a volume control as it would mean I wouldn't have to get a preamp :) And yes, I've got s few tube traps and other things scattered on the walls.

Just looking for ideas on a CD player. I've got a bad case of Spring fever and a few bucks to spend so time for some upgrades. My current player is a $300 Marantz. Might make a good transport if I could find the right DAC.
"the right DAC"
PS Audio PerfectWave Dac,3K new, 2K used.
I'm not a fan of metal dome tweeters but one of the best sounding B&W setups I've heard was run with Mac amps. These were a set of the MC501 mono blocks with the huge VU meters. I would think if the house sound is comparable, a different Mac piece would work.

Don't know what the difference between the metal dome & diamond tweeters would be from a sonic standpoint.

A very nice amp I can recommend is the Ayre V-5x or xe. I still think this is a "sleeper" piece & can be had used for right around $3k.
I'd second the Ayre V-5xe (there are currently two listed) and with that, you could also add the Ayre CX-7e CDP which are selling used at less than 2K, or the Ayre C-5xe Universal Player which are selling used in the $3500 range.