I need racks or shelves for approx 2500 cds.

Any ideas? Don't want to spend a fortune.
yashu: you might try boltz or billy bags. boltz makes a 2400 cd rack for <700 usd. both company's products are very sturdy and well-built.



I got my metal racks from a catalog, "Hold Everything". They hold almost 200 CD's but each rack was close to $200. They're real good quality. Good luck.
Audio Advisor is also carring the Boltz racks now...try Audioadvisor.com
I've made several CD racks that are inexpensive, and will
hold hundreds of CD's depending on how big you make them.
They're pretty simple. E-mail me if you'd like the instructions to make them. Most of my friends that see them think they were purchased, so I guess they look O.K. too! E-Mail: [email protected]
My wife bought me a cd storage case from IKEA. It holds around 1200 cd's. I had to stain the wood, but the case only cost $120. And it works just as well as the cd storage cases that cost ten times as much.
I found a great deal on cd binders from caseit.com
a 120 disk binder loooseleaf style for 10 bucks. (they are discontinuing the model. I just don't have the wall space for so many cd's

I bought two Harlequin media storage cabinets from Bombay Furniture Company (probably found in your local mall). They have closing doors and store CDs in the doors and on shelves. They look like real furniture and the spouse acceptance factor is off the chart. You may need 3 of them for your healthy collection, but 2 handled my 1500ish collection with room to spare. I paid a little over $200 each, which may seem pricey but was actually a good investment (for me).
I like Tree Designs (http://www.treedesigns.com). I have a 750-cap. one in black oak that is very well built. The larger ones are built w/ kit-type cam locks, but the panels are still very good quality. The shelf assemblies are supported by pins in the side panels- the added bonus was that I needed to move the whole rack across the room and this made pulling each shelf + contents out without removing the discs. They're definitely a good deal for the money.
I have a cd1500 from www.ldestorage.com that goes for about $189 shipped. They have several mmodels and are well built. Call 718-261-4919.
Pay a good carpenter to make you custom CD racks, and if he could build them in the wall. They are beautiful and you can make it fit your tastes with the different woods.
Alright, now here is the "real deal".

I am almost ashamed to admit this, but you can go down to your local BestBuys and look for the Atlantis CD rack. Now they have plenty of junk so hold your nose as you look. It helps with the smell. You can wear a hat and shades and no one will no you've been there. Anyway, they hold 350 CD's, have silver aluminum bars and black, MDF sides. They cost $79.00 and fit very well into an "Audio Decor".

They are almost as nice as the Bolts, some would say more, since they don't make your room look like a construction site. However, you can not assemble multiple racks together like you can with Bolts.

Your total cost would be around $500.00. So with the money you have saved you could buy 300 more CD's to fill up the empty spaces.

BTW, if you buy let me no how you like them!