Looking for CD player with volume control?

I will have to part with (sell) my Cayin CD player, a very nice unit especially if you have a Cayin amp. I have an all-Cayin sytem (integrated, tuner, cd player, what can I say, love the brand)) and I wish to use my direct input on the integrated amp to bypass the preamp.

I once owned the Shanling T-100 that had a volume control, but I wish to try something else.

Do you know of a player with adjustable volume on the output?

Granite Audio 657 - Loved the sound (tube output)! I only sold it to go with a $8500 player.
Cary CD players have volume controls - they are excellent. I own the CD308.
Resolution Audio CD-50 and CD-55 players have volume control and HDCD as bonus. Great sounding units.
I saw a Linn Genki listed recently here on AudioGon within the past few day. A great player with some nice features.
Njoe Tjoeb, happy with mine.
There is a multitude of players with variable outs at different price points. What is your budget ?
Cary 303/300
I think someone on A'gon is selling a Modwright Sony cdp with volume control. No affiliation, etc.

Definitely one to consider.
Audio Aero makes two (well, three...) units that have volumn control. There is the Capitole and it's little brother, the Prima. Do a search hereabouts for lots of discussion.
Check out the Wadia 302 it not only has remote VC it has adjustible output to match your amps input sensitivity. Written up by Soundstage so you can read a review. I use mine with a tubed PP amp and its the best sound I've had in my hose to date. I'm seeing these appear new and used at very reasonable prices (2500 to 3500). This is a very smooth yet resolving CDP with great bass impact. Love it!
The Opus 21 is a very mice CDP with volume control but it requires a good power cord. The Wadia 861 was a better sounding unit with the stock power cord. The Shanling was just OK compared to these units. I also had a completely modified Shanling and it was not as good as using a few of the $2000 list price DACs. My suggestion is to try an APL or Modwright modified CDP that someone else invested in and is letting it go cheap. You can always resell. I have found that the modifed units can really up the sonics of your system over most stock CDPs that I have heard.

Happy Listening.
Call Dan Modwright.
I've owned the following in order of preference.
Audio Aero Capitole MKII
Cary 306/200
Consonance Droplet 5.0
Shanling CDT-100
The AA also is preamp capable.