Looking for cartridge recommendations

I have a Yamaha P450 turntable that I've had since I bought it new in the 80s. I'm running it through a Pioneer SX-850 and can't seem to find any information about the built-in phono stages.

The turntable currently has a Grado FC+ cartridge on it and I would like to upgrade, but have no idea what I should be looking for. For example should I be looking for a magnetic moving or coil cartridge?

I've been looking at the Ortofon Blue, and similar positioned cartridges in the Sumiko and Nagaoka lines.

I would really appreciate any help.



I would go with a replacement stylus (approx. $60) for your FC+ or try the latest version (V3?) of the Grado Prestige Gold or Silver for well under $300.

I like the less expensive Grado cartridges in my system.

Yes, you need a higher output cartridge (greater than or equal to the 2.5mV spec I posted).

The new Grado will have more detail than your old model, but will still sound similar.



One thing that I forgot to add is that I also have a Pro-Ject Phono Box Preamp that allows me to switch between MC and MM. I had]ve that for a Cambridge Audio Azur AV receiver  that I'm currently not using.

OK, try that with what you have and if it sounds good pop $60 for a new stylus.

$60 well spent as you then have a viable backup for whatever cartridge you try experiment with in the future.

I'm not against trying new gear, but always suggest getting the "most" out of what's on hand prior to an upgrade attempt.



Look at the AT150SA from Audio Technica. Its a great MM cartridge.  2.5Mv output.