Looking for cartridge recommendations (after a 20 year hiatus)

Due to jobs, travel, and multiple moves, my system has been in storage or simply not set up for over 20 years. The only original parts that I've kept are a Music Reference RM5 Mk III preamp and a Well Tempered Record Player. Looks like new speakers will be KEF LS50 Wireless. Other priorities have taken over, so I'm only looking to spend about $250.00 for a cartridge and my main concern is that I HATE bright sound. I still have a Shure V15 Type IV which I could simply re-tip and I also have a Denon DL110, but I assume I'd have to replace that entire thing after all these years.

So my question revolves around these 4 choices:
1) Buy a new Jico stylus for the V15, which would only cost me about $150.00.
2) But a new DL110 for about $210.00 on Amazon because from what I remember, I liked it. But that was with a Krell amp and Proac speakers, so I guess relying on that memory probably isn't relevant for the current situation.
3) I still have a Grado 8mz body and I have seen the new stylus for that for about $150.00.
4) Start with something new, in which case I was considering a Clearaudio Concept V2 or a Shelter 201. Those are strictly based on reviews and nothing else.

Curious what seems to be out there nowadays that has a slightly warm, but not dull sound and tracks fairly well. No need to recommend a Blue Point of any kind because I do know that when I had one of those, I hated it. I also have seen many reviews that tend to say that the Ortofon and Audio Technica lean towards bright, so those probably wouldn't be the best choice for me. I would say that, if I had to choose, "listenability" to me is much more important than "accuracy".

Any suggestions and input would be greatly appreciated.
This would be my choice:

1) Buy a new Jico stylus for the V15, which would only cost me about $150.00.

I just did the same thing to my Shure V15IIIHE and it still holds it's own against most comers.  Excellent!

SHURE ULTRA 500 - never a dull moment, never sibilant. Just accurate and very nuanced and powerful musical sound IME. Costs $500-$1000. 
+ ! for the Jico stylus .
Grado 8mz is a good choice for symphonic music, a middle of the hall perspective .
Thanks for the input. I'm leaning towards the Shure or the Denon. l remember really liking the Shure, but that was close to 30 years ago on a Sonographe table with Dahlquist speakers. So it's really not relevant to today's situation.
Just out of curiosity, if the Denon is 20 years old, but was kept in a climate controlled environment, think it's still any good or would the suspension most likely be shot?
Nadaoka MP200 would be a nice match for the arm.

Audio Technica lean towards bright, so those probably wouldn’t be the best choice for me.

Technica AT-ML170 (made in 1988) is a neutrial cartridge (not bright and not dull at all) used for monitoring master disc production by comparing test pressings to the master tape. Simply read this article: http://www.regonaudio.com/Stanton881AudioTechnicaATML70.html

"Everyone is entitled to personal tastes, but truth is truth. If you want to hear something like the truth, I still say-no matter what everyone else is using-that you should buy a flat-top cartridge like the AT-ML170 and avoid all MC cartridges with a rising top-end. If the sound of live music is your goal, why would you want to hear sound which is not only untrue to its source but also is something you are seldom conscious of live".

The Microline stylus is a very advanced, computer designed tip shape that comes very close to the shape of a cutting stylus used to produce original master discs. Few more pictures of my spare AT-ML170 on kenwood Trio headshell: https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/19959008_1777073555644137_6081818018625907919_n.jpg?oh...

The Audio-Technica AT-ML170 is much better than anything with Jico. The hollow pipe boron cantilever of this vintage AT-ML170 MM cartridge is only 0,3mm in diameter, gold plated! A hollow BORON TUBE/PIPE cantilevers (as opposed to a modern boron ROD) has a bunch of physical advantages, including lower effective mass, and improved rigidity. 

If you hate bright sound you best off with the new stylus for your Grado!
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The Demon 103 done right plays with the best of them.
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I would go with the Shure, or if your amp can  handle MC low input, the suggested Denon 103 cart, which is without a doubt the best under 300$.
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