looking for cable recommendations

I am using Monarchy Audio SE-100 Mk II amplifiers with Vandersteen 2ce Signature speakers. The speaker cables I am currently using are Transparent MusicWave Plus, original version form the 90's

I want to explore some new cables and am looking for any recommendations.

Two separate runs of AQ Type 6 or 8. If you can afford it, two seperate runs of AQ CV 6 or CV 8
I would seriously check out the Black Cat cables. The designer, Chris Sommivigo, was the designer of the excellent Stereovox cables and he brought a lot of it to the much lower-priced Black Cats.
I was a Transparent fanatic until I was forced to use a MIT MH-750 I had laying around to replace a High-end Transparent ($3k) on my right B&W 800n.

To make it short....ALL OF MY CABLES (speaker, interconnect, power) are now MIT.

I never really bought into the difference a cable could make, but since I had everything else high-end, I just had to do it. When I put that MIT 750 on my right speaker...it simply sounded about 25% better than my left. Just more refined and clearer.
I should have mentioned in my 1st post that I have the same speakers and I have tried the cables I recommend and own 2 runs of CV-8. Also, its more important to use 2 separate runs than it is to get 1, more expensive pair.
Speaker cables can play havoc with your amp.

E.g. Naim recommends low capacitance cables for all their amp

So try to determine what your amps might perform best with

Naim brand cables are very good.

Another brand that I currently use is from Van den Hul - the D352 10 gauge is a very dynamic and open.
I'm just curious. What does Naim have to do with any of this?
Naim amps are meant to work with a minimum of 12.5' of Naim cable in order to keep the amps stable. I believe Spectral amps might also require Spectral/MIT cables. Other than those 2, I'm not aware of any other cable/amp compatibility issues that the manufacturers will admit to.
Zd542 - I thought Livin01 is looking for speaker cables and I was citing a known example where capacitance is an issue - that's all

Seems chayro knows of another amp cable incompatibility as well

How many more are out there?
I used to have a pair of the MH-750. I thought they were very good as well. I like their IC's too.


I see what you are saying. It definately makes sense.
I just got a pair of van den Hul D-352 speaker cables today and I have agree with williewonka. They are open but not bright, great bass response with tremendous depth and soundstage.

The VDH are replacing a set of high capacitance Alpha Core Goertz cables which sounded great for the most part but I could swear there was a bit of high frequency ringing caused by the high capacitance.

With the exception of the digital cable, I'm running all van den Hul.
My Vandsersteen 1C's always got along quite well with AudioQuest Type 6+ cables, and the sound of music was sublime. Then I switched to Paul Speltz Anti-cables, and the improvement was tremendous. A layer of haze that I never even knew existed was simply wiped clean when I switched over to the Anti-cables. It was quite a revelation !
If you can, listen to Analysis Plus. I use their top cables and interconnects in my system, which is very high resolution. As a friend of mine, who is a Conductor says..."Sounds like the real thing when I'm in front of the orchestra".

I do not believe you can do better for the price.
Jambalya - welcome to the VDH club :-)

I've had my D352 on my system for many years and with each upgrade they still allow the improvements to be clearly heard.

I have to wonder exactly how good the resolution on this cable is. Certainly my system doesn't appear to be near to its limit

I also use their...
- D102 mkIII and also find them very transparent and open.
>>> also very low capacitance
- THE NAME - as a digital link - never missed a bit

I am fortunate to have a VDH retailer that sells bulk cable - so all of mine are DIY - except THE NAME, which was the first interconnect I tried - the rest is history!

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