Looking for bookshelf speakers

Room size about 20 x 15. My budget is up to $2500.
Any opinions on the Revel 106?
What aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you and what amp are you using?
Back in December 2012 you asked about the Revels, and another member asked what amp you would be using, and you never responded to them. Member Soix is asking that same question now, and it's a good question - amplifier choice makes a big difference, and it will play a big role in the recommendations other people offer.

Then in March 2013 you asked about the Revels vs. SF and indicated that you'd actually listened to the Revel 106.

So what's the story? Did you like what you heard when you listened to them yourself 16 months ago? The impressions you got with your own ears should be much more important than any impressions other people could give. How about vs. the SF Venere you put them up against? I'd be interested in that comparison, as the Veneres were on my radar at one point.
I'll be the third to ask what kind of amp you have. It is critical that the amp you'll be using can properly drive the bookshelf speakers your considering.

Speaking of bookshelf speakers, the M106's are rear ported so they must be used with stands. Or you will not be getting the proper bass response that the designers intended. If you are going to place them on a bookshelf, strongly suggest you forget about these and look at front ported only.

Hope this helps.
Fritz REV 7 (2500) and Skylan stands(about 350)... call Fritz... Noel at Skylan will build custom stands for you
Totem Acoustic Model 1 Signature loudspeaker ....Your welcome.
+1 for the Totem Model Ones or Mani-2s..... But only If you have the "right" integrated amp with the necessary grunt to drive them properly.

The prior posts all nailed it: system synergy matters big-time. Tailoring the speakers to the electronics is a must.

Similarly, I would also recommend Jean-Marie Reynaud OFFRANDE Signature standmounts ( used )

Google for the reviews and grab a listen if you can. These are hi- end French stand mount speakers that soar with the " right" electronics .
+2 for the Totem Model 1 Sigs.
Hint, they love the new version DNM Reson bi-wire speaker cable. Harmonics are as good as any speaker I ever heard.
Totel Model 1s, someone's selling a pair in Agon for $800.00.

What a steal!!!
That's a large room for bookshelf speakers? why not floorstanders for a room that size?
What Hi-Fi 5 star rating:

ATC SCM 11 (2013) review

Best standmounter £800-£1500, Awards 2013. ATC has struck gold again. These are the most talented standmounters anywhere near this price Tested at £1200

Read more at http://www.whathifi.com/atc/scm-11-2013/review#q8D6MRDEZKwDCskx.99

I heard them at a dealer showroom being driven by Mark Levinson .... They smoked the $8K KUDOS, bested all the Totems (including the Element series ) and were giving the TANNOY Lower level PRESTIGE series a credible showing .

After the audition that drew in the whole store, one guy bought them on the spot. Worth a listen if you can arrange it.
The reason the Totem sig #1's sound so dam good is that they use a Dynaudio 3" voice coil! Also, Totem uses some NASA developed material to dampen the inside. And they are very well put together. Used they are a steal! Best speaker under $2000 that I have listened to. I like the EPOS ES12 too. good luck finding them.
Yeah, this is starting to look like a fly by.
IMHO, that room is too large for bookshelf speakers.