Looking for better Power Conditioner than my Tice

for many years I have used the Tice Power Block 3a Signature. Unfortunally I couldn´t compare with new products from Shunyata, PS Audio or others.
I want to know if anybody could compare it and if really recomend me to move to other product.
I´m really interest on the PS Audio Power Plant premier
I owned Chang Lightspeed conditioners many years ago. One day curiousity got the better of me, and I decided to remove the silicone seals on the ends of one of the PVC tubes in the chassis to see what ("lossy material" as Chang describes it) was inside. This "technolgy" turned out to be nothing more than a series of ferrite beads filling most of the length of the tube. IMO, the prices Chang charges for their products is way too much for ferrite beads.
I would recommend a topaz Isolation transformer. My reference power conditioners were in the 4-8k range and for a couple hundred bucks on ebay I bought an isolation transformer. The transformer is more neutral and lowers the noise floor by 136-146dB. I now own three of them and couldn't live without. I recently listened to the Tripoint Audio Spartan $35k power conditioner in the designer's system and honestly didn't feel that it was any better than my isolation transformers.

The problem Chang using ferrite in a power conditioner is while it removes noise, it limits dynamics dramatically. The only real way to treat power is to use a capacitor bank with very high-voltage high-speed caps, or to use an isolation transformer. The Tripoint spartan uses magnetic technology and an enormous capacitor bank (caps are $90+ each) to filter the sound. No mumbo jumbo there. But when I can find an isolation transformer on ebay for $200... it's a no brainer.
I know it is very expensive but if you can afford it the tripoint audio sparten is the best choice. I have heard it twice the first time at the axpona audio show in Jacksonvlle fl and yesterday at a friends house who recently added it to his system. I can tell you this product is miles ahead of anything on the market. My friend and I stayed up till 2am listening the music had endless depth the bass was ultra fast and tight and the overall attack and decay was amazing also a level of detail came out that I did not think this system was capable of and if sounded as if we were listening to speakers costing 50k or more. A few months back we auditioned the new Focal Grand Utopia speakers with all Krell top of Line Evolution series electronics and it did not come near what I heard yesterday. Stop spending endless $$$$$ upgrading equip and bite the bullet and get this nothing you ever buy is going to make as big a difference in your system and you will know the sonic truth of everything you now own and every component you add later and you may actually save money and discover what you have may be better than you thought
35,000,I dont' mind paying 3-5000,my Torus(s)do me just fine.
You could just replace the stock ac outlets in the power conditioners you already have with the same ac outlets that are in the Tripoint audio power conditioner....the Maestro ac outlets. I replaced one of my stock ac outlets in my cheap monster power conditioner and I was amazed at the difference it made on both audio and video !..