Looking for best sounding satellite/sub system

was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with the current satellite/sub systems on the market and do any of them do theater and music well? I already have an extremely nice, dedicated 2-channel listening room. so this will be for movies most of the time, but occasional listening to music. the other big factor is that the speakers need to be the small/wall mountable type. just wanted to see if you true audiophiles have been down this road before? price really is not a factor. thanks for any advice
I just set up a Totem Dreamcatcher system last night. Can't give the final answer as it is brand new, but so far so good.
It looks great, High WAF.
I use a set of gallo nucleus and woofer ball on my office system. The sound has a hole in the midrange, but the sound is high resolution and images very well. I'm using a little 8w SET amp with my cal alpha DAC. Everyone who hears it likes it. www.roundsound.com.
Heard the Totem system briefly, very good. For $999, the Velodyne Deco system is awfully good, very natural on music and H/T. High tech sub also.
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I sold my Martin Logan Quests and Logos and EAD PM 2000 and recently purchased Anthony Gallo Due's for right, left and center and Gallo's larger version of the nucleus called the A'Diva's for surrounds driven by a B&K AVR 505 and supplemented by two Energy S8.2 subs controlled by the B&K bass management system. I have been stunned, frankly, by the quality of the sound and the seamless integration of the subs with the other speakers.
The Gallos are wall mountable in at least 3 configurations or can be mounted on the table stands (included with the speakers) or optional floor stands. Gallo recommends wall mounting for best bass response. I have been quite impressed (and mine are stand mounted and have not completed the recommended 60 hours of burn-in time). The whole sub/sat package fills my less than ideal 20'x20' room with wonderful sound and the sub/sat system was quite reasonable. I would recommend visiting www.soundvideo.com (if you don't have a local dealer). Ask for Steve Harralla. I have dealt with him a number of times and find him to be very good at putting together systems based on individual requirements (i.e. room parameters, sub/sat integration, budget, ultimate sound, custom installations, etc). He is also a pleasure to deal with. Good luck and good listening. Regards
wow!! i though the martin logan logos was the ultimate center speaker!!

do you think the gallo center sounds better?
How do they compare in voice handling?
Perhaps the Thiel Power line and their new sub-woofer?
I just received up my Dreamcatcher system and I was VERY impressed. Very musical, albeit right now I have only "tested" the satellites by hooking two of them up to my 2 channel rig. I love the way they look and the size of the individual speakers fit my smallish room perfectly. Not the cheapest 5.1 system but they might just be the right balance of sound quality vs. price for those that have been spoiled by a top-notch two channel system but don't want to blow the bank on HT.

Triangle Titus x5 + HSU VTF-2 is extraordinary for the $$. Surprising SPLs and scary realism. SACD, DTS, stereo - all way better than I ever thoguht possible. LOTS more $$ to surpass. Hear it before you judge it.
Ascend Acoustics 170s w/ Hsu.
I agree, for $1,000, the Velodyne DECO seems very good. It was rated high in a satt/sub test versus the JM Lab Sib and Cub.
I am thinking about picking this system up from my local dealer for this price.