Looking for Best Monitors

Too lazy to wade through all of the best speakers thread to find out about any monitors that are listed. I am setting up a home office system and currently only have the B&K 307 and a CD player acting just as a transport to the B&K. Looking for a very musical set of 5/7 speakers to connect to it. I know it will depend on price but if you know what the ballpark price for them will be that would also be helpful to list. Hopefully I still will be able to get some work done after buying one of the suggestions. Thanks!
A friend is using Revel M20's with a B&K 305 and they sound fantastic. They retail for $2k, but try Steve at:
I have a pair of Talon Audio Khites that are nearing being burned in. Fresh out of the box, they were the most musical monitors I had ever heard, and they keep getting better (bigger sound stage, more air, more focused). You can tell I am very happy with them, because my home theatre has not been turned on in a week. They retail for $3,000.00, more with optional finishes, and worth every penny.

Best regards, Dave.
Canton makes a nice monitor, as well as Tyler Ref Monitors.
What do YOU mean by monitors? What do you mean by 5/7 speakers?
I believe he meant 5 to 7 speakers for HT set-up?
Ah, I wasn't sure. I really thought he was refering to the Audiogon rating scale, and I couldn't understand why? Monitors mean different things to many people. To some, it's a loudspeaker to use as a reference to make recordings, to others an abreviation of "mini-monitor" another name for a small speaker. They can have the opposite meaning. Thanks for clearing that up.