Looking for Beethoven's "Farewell to the Piano"

There is a piece of piano music in the music sheets, attributed to Beethoven, entitled "Farewell to the Piano". It is a gorgeous piece of music, and I've been looking for a recording of it for years. I tried to find it all over Canada and the US in my travels (I live in Canada), and have also tried England and Germany. A music teacher in Germany claims that it is most likely NOT by Beethoven, but has been published as being by Beethoven to give it popularity. In any case, I'd love to get a recording of it if any of you guys are aware of one.

If only I could get someone like Murray Perahia or Radu Lupu to record it !!!! I can dream, can't I ???
Contact Allan Harris at www.alharris.com
and see his comments at:
Thanks Sugarbrie. I've sent an email to Al Harris.