Looking for basshorns

I've got a high frequency horn that goes from 400 hz. on up and would be interested in finding a reasonably priced (and sized) basshorn that can take over from 50 hz. or lower and reach up to about 450 Hz. Does anyone know of such a product?
Go to Decware.com, click on "Speakers" and scroll down.
I have never heard any of these products, but I believe one or more may meet your description.

The last 4 or 5 items will be horn loaded subwoofer enclosures. Personally, I like the one shown with the naked lady inside (not sure if she's included at the asking price) but, I suspect that that one may be too large for you. I believe that they'll sell these with drivers pre-mounted as well.

Good Luck,

How's 80Hz to 500-600Hz? Edgarhorn Titan IIs. I built the one's shown in my system from flat pack kits. Figure about a 3' x 4' footprint. This is just another suggestion. I'm sure John has some very good ideas. :-)
Klipschorn, about 39hz to 400 HZ. The factory cutoff frequency is 400 HZ. Where are you located? Feel free to drop me an email as I have a spare pair of Klipschorn bass bins.
Thanks for your responses so far.

Marty, The girl thing is cute and may actually live up to the lofty claims but I can't afford and couldn't house it anyway.

I have spoken with Johnk in the past and may again in the future. I don't build cabinets and really couldn't benefit from DIY.

Tiger, I already have better bass cabinets than Klipsch can provide and I don't have corners anyway. Thanks for the offer but that is not where I want to go.

Dan-ed, Do you have any idea what is going on with Bruce Edgar? His website hasn't been functional for a long time.
The Edgarhorn website has never really worked. ;-)Bruce is pretty much retired, but I suggest sending him an email through AA. However, if you can't do the DIY route I don't know if this is the way to go or not.
Seen Edgar bass horns on audiogon from time to time didnt seem like they sold maybe place a wanted add?
Yes, I think that most of the Edgar midbass horns that come up are the older tractrix and folded versions. The newer, straight Titan horn has some advantages over these. But if the room isn't so big maybe one is better of with reflex bass (?).