Looking for Avantgarde Color Horns

Can someone tell me if there is a web site that sell , round horns , like Avantgarde has on there speakers? I have not been able to fine anything on the web (could be me) & Avantgarde dose not sell them alone.

Look for Oris horns - can be painted (by you) in your choice of colors - I think Welborne Labs is a dealer.
The Avantgarde horns are made of ABS plastic using a high pressure mold technique to very accurate tollerances. The mold alone would run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to have made. If anyone offered a horn like the Avantgardes they would be astronomically expensive. That is why you see most horns made of wood. It can be turned on a mill. Problem is; the wood changes shape and sonic quality over time with humidity and aging.

Bummer I know...
Rwwms other horns are availible AG not the only source and molds can be made for less if construction of horn uses diferant material than ABS. I perfer fiber glass and carbon fiber,wood, aluminum and as far as wood changing sound so, if the wood horns are constructed proper they wont have any changes that would - effect sound quality and I feel wood has far better resonace character than plastic anyway.And I bet it costs more for construction of a turned wood horn than a injection molded AG horn [I worked with plastics for years plus I employ wood workers to do hand turning so know what this costs].But with all things audio YMMV
Thanks Triode , but I have emailed Welborne and they no longer carry Oris , any other place you might know of?

Thanks Creege