Looking for Audioquest Email or Phone Contact

I am wondering if anyone has an email address to Audioquest?  I am trying to speak to someone there about making a cable for me but their web site only gives you the local reps name, nothing more.  I tried sending a message to the rep at Audioquest but it came back as undeliverable.  If someone can help me
with a email and contact person and or phone number, I would be very grateful.

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I spoke with Audio Advisor about it as I received the Audioquest headphones from them today and I want a longer cable.  They offered to sell me a 15 foot Pangea extension cable but I want the same cable the headphones are wired with since Audioquest makes a big todo about the wire. The salesman told me to speak with Audioquest because they are pretty good at accommodating customers requests if possible.

I haven't had any good luck with the Pangea power cables in my system as they  sucked all the life out of the music and I don't want to alter the sound of the cans with 2 different cables.
I contacted AudioQuest at [email protected] last November and they responded right away.  Can’t guarantee that’s still a good e-mail, but give it a try!
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Click on Headphones, click on Contact bottom left of headphones page.

Scroll down again on the Contact/Support page for names, emails & phone numbers.
I think this still works:

 Alasdair Patrick ([email protected])

Really great guy.  Should be able to help you out.
+1 on the suggestion of Alasdair -- he's dealt with all my needs for cutting and re-terminating lots of my cables

I also often work through my local AQ dealers who have always been helpful as well
Audio quest in Anaheim, CA
(949) 585-0111
Thanks to everyone for the help!  I  spoke with Audioquest and purchased a 3 meter cable made for my headphones.  They are shipping tomorrow via FedEx 2 day air.  Should have them sometime next week.
AQ has good customer service, I am sure you will get ahold of someone.  
 I received a Pangea 15 foot extension cable for the headphones. Plugged it in and right channel is dead. Wiggled the Pangea cable and the sound cuts in and out. Phones are perfect without the cable. I’m going to call Audio Advisor to return them. I’m glad I have a set of Audioquest cables coming next week so I can put this all to bed.

I should have have known better as I had problems with 2 other Pangea cables in the past. What a piece of crap!
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