Looking for assistance with JL Audio sub and KCT

I have a JL Phantom f112 and I'm looking for the best way to connect it to a Krell KCT Preamp. The power amp is a Krell Evolution 302. My speakers are B & W 805S. I currently have the JL connected to a Manley Jumbo Shrimp the Manley has two single end Main Outs so I have one out going to the sub the other going to the speakers and everything works. I would like to switch over to the KCT for a while for a little listening comparison but the KCT has only one single ended L & R out and one XLR balanced L & R out. Will I damage the sub or the preamp if I connect the sub to the XLR outs and the speakers to the single end outs at the same time?
Hi Richie,

i am no engineer, but i doubt you would damage your speakers or your pre doing this. If you email Krell, they have been pretty responsive when i have emailed them questions before. Good luck and pls keep us posted.
Hi Lloydelee,
Good hearing your thoughts. I've never posted before so this is a 1st. After posting here at Audiogon under amps preamp I also found the post for speakers I posted there also. I received a response with some advice to consider using Mogami Gold Studio xlr cables so I picked a 6 foot pair up today and everything work great. I also decided to purchase a pair of 2 meter Krell Cast MMF Cables that I'm looking forward to receiving and see how they compair to my current set up. I'll get back with how it goes. Thanks!
Great! Good luck! and enjoy your great system!