Looking for any speaker recomendations for a sub flea watt amp

I have in the last six months added a nice headphone rig to my main system and just recently separated it bringing it upstairs into my office using it quite a bit more as a second system, with that said I would like to add a pair of speakers to listen to in near field for my wife as she is in the office doing her work, she loves music but is very intimidated by the all tube system we have in our living room and does not even consider turning it on or off. The system in question consist of a Yamamoto Soundcraft HA-2 headphone amp rated at 240mv at 8ohms and yes it does have speaker taps. Am I just pissing in the wind or are there some speaker choices that might satisfy my need and if the answer is no it will not hurt my feelings because I am very satisfied with the system as a headphone setup and have been using it a lot as such.
I'm not sure anything will run on under a watt, but you might talk to Fritz from Fritzspeakers about building you something with a 4" Fostex driver.  I have a pair and they are excellent, although I've never tried with that much of a fleawatt.  But if your amp has a pair of stereo (rca) outputs, you can use any powered speakers.  In fact, even if it doesn't, you can probably use the headphone jack with a splitter and powered speakers.  Maybe get a pair of Tannoy powered monitors.  
Thanks chayro I am open to all suggestions and will check into your lead.

audio nirvana sells very hi eff full range drivers. 1 watt is LOUD in my setup. put a pair in some boxes rrom dayton audio easy
I don't know this as a fact, but my thinking is the speaker taps / connections you refer to, may have been intended for headphones as well.  for a short time there were a few head phones being designed and marketed to connect directly to speaker post. If it were me I would want to contact Yamamoto Soundcraft  and discuss this with them. I don't know of any speaker choices available that are intended to operate at that low of a power/wattage, maybe Yamamoto would. 
bradf the amp was purchased directly from Yamamoto  Soundcraft in Japan and the info/manual refer to hooking up speakers to the connections, thinking something might of got lost in translation I went back and read the review done by an American reviewer and he refers to hooking up a very efficient pair of speakers as well.                                    veroman, I will check into that, Thanks
Please post what you find with regard to speakers suitable to match power delivery of your amp. Is there any wattage specs for your amp?

If you haven't already, you may want to read the 6 Moons review of this amp (link included below). I also included paragraph from this review that may be helpful.  I don't consider the statements relative to speaker use as  outlined in this article, to be conclusive, but rather, observations.

In fact, the HA-02 with a pair of superior headphones could be slightly preferable to the A-08S with speakers. That's because the Yamamoto is way overbuilt for its intended headphone-drivin' task and, as a high-gain pentode design, get's away with a single stage. As a quasi linestage device, it is presented by a load that doesn't have its triodes strain. Instead and like flowers, they stand erect in a wind-still niche, blossoms open, fragrance undiluted by gusty conditions. In that sense, it's an idealized greenhouse scenario. Conversely, the speaker variable, how it interfaces with the amp plus unpredictable room interactions could be anything but ideal. I've owned my audio-technica wood-cup 'phones for years. Truth be told, I didn't know they were this good. No headphone amp before has quite maxed out their potential to this degree. That's a lovely bonus for me. Never mind that the two together have a very similar finish. How would the Yammy work on 32-ohm Grados and 300-ohm Sennheisers? I don't know. I've long since sold my HD-650s. For my tastes, the W1000s ran circles around 'em and were far more comfortable to wear. The Sennheisers could be somewhat of an impedance mismatch on this amp but I'd have to hear them to know for sure.

Every thing I read from Omega Speakers and Decware Audio requires a minimum of 2 watts. 
bradf, yeah I think hooking up a pair of speakers to this little amp might prove to be an over reach of its given power but will update if I get a satisfactory result and even if I don't. thanks again
You may want to call Steve @ Decware.  He makes a point to be as helpful as he can. I would ask him if his Zen Triode Gain Stage would be useful in combination with your amp to drive speakers


Johnk, any recommendations on specific horns for this task, and please know that horns are very foreign to me. Thanks

Have you read this Forum
 Altec multicell with 288 driver bass horn with 515b you have options on mid bass and mid horn size. On the right horn the amp can sound very good.  I enjoyed my ha-02 mostly in summer in my office system running altecs and a few of my custom designs. If you do not want to big a altec a model 14-15-19 is a option as well as a few coaxial models.                         With horn loudspeakers the more horn loaded the range is the better,they can get large but since many can sit near rear wall and or in corner, spots most conventional designs do not perform well in they can be set up in smaller spaces then most think. A large horn near wall can be a better use of room sqft then many monitors on stands pulled out into rooms.                                                                                                            I had a bit of luck with running a few fullranges off it. But on the big horns it sounds normal a bit like a 300b on the fullranges you hear its limits.
K horns will be loud with only 1 watt.