Looking for an XLR to XLR IC to add warmth

I want to add warmth, but not at the cost of detail. I was going to go with the Morrow Audio MA1 ($149). Good choice? Any other reccomendations in that price range?
i am selling my IXOS Ixotica IC's with xlr. i have 4 pairs. cost $800, i will sell them for $150 each pair. they are very nice.
Harmonic Technology truthlink xlr

or for more money

Cardas Golden Cross xlr
I love the golden cross xlr
You may want to take a look at Van Den Hul D102III Hybrid XLR
The Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference will do that, and the original version is warmer than the Ref II if you can find them. Best of luck.

I agree with the above posters regarding Cardas Golden Cross IC's; however, they may be a little more expensive for 1 meter.
PNF Audio ICON. Best I've ever found for the dollar spent.
Another vote for Cardas Golden cross.Gave me the warmth my old system required.
Audioquest Jaguar is a winner in that price range and will probably get you the sound you are looking for
For a little more you can get a pair LAT International IC-200 MK II that will put $1000 interconnects to shame.