Looking for an SS Integrated for Totem Mani-2's

I am picking up a pair of Mani-2's in the next couple of weeks from a friend of mine. I understand they like lots of power. Can you point me in the right direction to drive these 85db speakers with ease. my room is 12' x 24'. I'm on a budget of $1500 - $2500, so let's not get too out there in your suggestions. I also would like something that does not take up a lot of space. thanks-

I have an easy 9/10 (per AGS) 2009 model ANTHEM 225 Integrated rated at 225w@8ohms/310w@4ohms. Good synergy with Totem speakers...I was using with Totem "Forest" speakers.

Minimalist design with focus on SQ...not bells and whistles. It does however, include a decent (built-in) phono stage, original backlit remote, factory dbl. boxes and packaging and the original owner's manual (not a pdf copy). This unit has the black finish and photos are available, if interested.

$1050 plus shipping from S4S2M1 in Canada. PayPal please add 3%. Thanks, Roger
Don't reply to a thread by trying to sell your amp to the poster.
Don't reply to a thread by trying to sell your amp to the poster.
I've seen a lot of this lately and tend to agree that it seems inappropriate. Why not send a personal message to the OP with an offer rather than cluttering the forums?
I would suggest a used Plinius 9200. I own one and think it is a great integrated. I use to have the Aerial model 8 speakers and the Plinius drove them with ease. Those speakers were rated at 86db. The Plinius is a very netural sounding amp, great bass, sweet highs, great midrange and a very nice phono stage. I have read that Plinius and Totems speakers is a nice combo. Good luck with your search.
The Hi Vi woofers that Totem forest use are rated at 85, but in real world are really closer to 84, i've built with them a few times, some run lower. Plus they are rated at 8 ohms, but tend to drift up to 9 or even 10 ohms.... Just get all the power that you can find that suits your taste.
I think that plinius 9100 as well will do the job, I have the Nola Boxer monitors and my experience its super, amazing amps those plinius, rarely people sell them, i was considering in selling mine because i going to graduate school but i am not quite sure i will do that i am so adjusted to the sound!
Don't be afraid of 'class D' - and based on your parameters it sounds like a good integrated from Bel Canto or Rowland like the Concerto or Continuum 250 would be a good combination, and of course there are others out there like NuForce, Cary, etc. High power, dynamic, efficient in both energy consumption and physical space, can drive just about anything.
I have had a great experience with Unico SE with Totem Forest. Used price of unico is very good.
Have heard Krell with Totem. Pretty synergistic!
In posting a thread recently (02-15-11), I was surprised to learn that what was intended to be answered in a PM to the original poster (Mattcone), was mistakenly answered here. My apologies for the error!