Looking for an integrated w/ a more forward sound

Been doing some research and these are the ones I'm interested in so far:

Bryston B100 SST
McIntosh MA 6300
Roksan Caspian M2
Hegel H100
April Music Stello
Musical Fidelity M3i
Perreaux Audiant 80i
Electrocompanient ECI-3
Simaudio Moon i3.3
Primare I22

Does anybody have experience with a few of these? Any ideas of which have a more "forward presentation"? thx
Look for a Virtual Dynamics power cord and stick it on any of the above units. I'm serious, you will feel like you have been escorted to the front row. Not my cup o' tea, because of it's forwardness, but I do know many who enjoy that sound.
Yes the Musical Fidelity is way out front if that is what you want. The sleeper with the most pleasant sound to my ears is the Hegel smooth but detailed. Certainly not the aggressive amp you want.
Owned the Bryston,definitely not forward.Had Sim's previous model to that one [I-3SE] and I would say it leaned to a forward presentation.Out of all your choices I've heard good things about the Roksan and LFD.Exposure integrateds also tend to have a more forward sound.Hope that helps.
On your list, the one I've heard most often described as "forward" is the Roksan. Exposure is a good idea. Cyrus and Naim might be worth checking out, too.
Dussun V6i or V8i, both are smooth, fast and offer the forward presentation that you speak of.
The only on your list that I've heard is the B100sst. It is very similar to the above two, less power than both. Probably a touch more refined than the V6i, similar to the V8i, but both the Dussun's just sound ballsier.