Looking for an Integrated below $2000

Hi guys,
I’m thinking of downsizing for awhile. Most of you know that I’m a speaker builder. I’m looking for a used integrated. This integrated will be used with 2 different sets of speakers.... One a 3 way... 10 inch sealed woofer, 5 inch aluminum mid and a ribbon tweeter. These are impedance compensated and are a very consistent 8 ohm load.
The 2nd pair is an MTM... the woofers are the same 7 inch used in the original totem forest....
so, 2 - 7 inch woofers and a soft dome tweeter (scanspeak), the bottom runs from 3.8 to 4.6 ohms and the top end is fairly consistent at 8 to 10 ohms. About any decent amp should drive either of these. Sorry, but I don’t want to mess with tubes, I don’t turn my gear off. 
I am open to suggestions, but for now, I am considering these few, but am really down to the first 2 unless I hear from others that have actually sat in front of the others...
I prefer to only hearing opinions of those who has heard what they are commenting on, no unheard opinions please.

Hegel H-160
Belles Aria
Parasound Hint
Rotel RA-1592
Hattor NCore 250

I have emailed Hattor, they just answered and said that their integrated NC250 compares with Pass, Emotiva and Hegel... I'm confused, I don't see Emotiva in the league of the other 2. 
 I have to admit, I’ve read about the Rotel, it looks excellent for the money, but I am dealing with my own prejudices about this product from the early 80’s.
I appreciate any input,

I had a Parasound Halo Integrated and while it was ok, the Belles sounded much better. BTW, there is a used Belles Aria integrated listed here for sale. I am not affiliated with the seller. I heard the Aria integrated at Audio Connections paired with the Vandersteen 2CE sig speakers and also with a pair of Proac speakers. Breathtaking and extremely musical. I was really wowed that day.  I would rather give my hard earned money to Johnny R at Audio Connections than most other High End Stores.
Thanks for your reply,  I believe that you are right. I've got several reason's why the top 2 are there.  There are a couple of these amps on Agon.  I've found a few of them for less out in the world,  but before I buy elsewhere, I will give the Agon Members an offer.  I've read a bunch of your comments over the years, you are always helpful, 
Thank again,  Tim 
I've been scouring the web looking for any comparisons of these amps. Has anyone compared any of these?  
Any help is very much appreciated,
I want to say Thank You to Johnny Rutan.  He reached out to me sharing his opinion of each of these amps, giving a fairly detailed analysis of the sound character of each.  At no time did he try to sell me anything. He was helpful,  gave me his cell and said if he can help later with anything, give him a call. 
Here is a dealer that stepped up,  not as a dealer, but as a member of our Audiogon community.  He only offered advice as a member. It feels great being able to share this with all of you.  
Thanks again Johnny,
And yes,  I purchase an amp.... I made an offer here on Agon, unfortunately,  our member turned down my offer, so I purchased the amp elsewhere.