Looking for an Integrated Amplifier to match Totem Rainmaker Speakers


Curious if folks have recommendations for integrated amps that pair well with Totem Rainmaker speakers.

Currently using a Rotel RA-12 which is a Class A/B design.  The Rotel is bright and edgy, and I actually find that the Totem's smooth it out nicely.  That said, I'm looking for something that's a bit more premium, and maybe more dynamic at lower volume levels.  

I don't have a lot of space, or electrical outlets, so looking for an option that has a phono stage built in.  Sources are Bluesound Node 2i (Tidal HiFi & Redbook FLAC files), and Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (upgraded platter, Speed Box PSU, and Ortofon 2M Blue cart).  

Budget is $1500 new, and I prefer to stay under $1000 used.  Don't mind paying more for new gear when I'm getting dealer/manufacturer support along with a warranty.

Thanks, and cheers!


I’m in Portland, OR and am aware of Gig Harbor Audio. Do you know if they ship Heed products? I’m not seeing Heed available on their online webstore.

@bomd Give them a call and ask.  I have had them ship things to me before, so I know they'll do it.  They have a pretty liberal return policy also, I want to say 90 days, but I'm not sure.
Just picked up a demo Creek Evolution 50A to pair with Vandersteen VLR speakers.  Front end is a Bryston BDP-pi streamer with a Mytek Liberty DAC.  Considerable upgrade to my Hegel H80, which the Creek replaced.  Better soundstage, detail and transparency in my system.  The Vandersteens are 86 dB efficiency, similar to the Totems.  Great sound and plenty of power in my system.  Also sounds great at low volume setting.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the 50A.  I love the look, form factor, and functionality of Creek integrateds.  Do you think that model is a considerable step up from my Rotel RA-12?