Looking for an integrated amp with dac to match Raidho x1

I am currently playing (mac mini streaming) with a Devialet 220 pro on the X1's (combined with Velodyne subwoofer) which sounds great!
but for several reasons (safe money) I like to downgrade my amp withoout losing too much functionality and soundquality. 
So far I am thinking in the lines of:
cyrus dac 8
hegel h160
nuprime ida 8 or 16
naim uniti

i prefer a clean one box solution but if multi box solutions would significantly raise Sq then I'm open to suggestions. 

I like the clean Devialet sound with lots of detail and holographic soundstage. Listen to jazz, acoustic, blues but also pop and watch movies via AV receiver. 

What would be your shortlist?

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We were a Devialet dealer so we know the line quite well. 

We brought in the Micromega M100 and couldn't be happier. In certain areas the Devialet is still  a bit better, slightly higher resolution, 0 noise, the configurator, wide soundstage.

However, we found the Micromega M100 to be the better product, the reason the Micromega is better is the pure Class A/B amplifier. The Devialet is always impressive howerver, we kept on longing for a sound that would draw you into the music, the Devialet was always wow, but never involving.

The Micromega has a terrific round deep bass quality, a lot of width and depth to the sound stage and it has a liquidity in the midrange which makes the sound more involving in a word it just sounds musical.

Add to that almost $3,000.00 cheaper than a D130, Roon endpoint via airplay, airplay, dlna, apt x blu tooh. and coming a room correction module. and then there is the dac which can play dsd and pcm, and network streaming. 

The M100 is a stunning piece and one of our favorite products to come around in a long time.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Thanks a lot for this tip. It seems it ticks all the same boxes as Devialet, but easier on the budget.
Can't find a lot of reviews though, and it seems distribution is not widely spread in the Netherlands.
as a disclaimer, i deal raidho speakers. i have really enjoyed using arc separates with mine so i would not hesitate to throw an arc dsi200 in the mix. i have also had some beautiful music with an ayon integrated, though for the type of music i like i found solid state to be more airy and expansive - playing to the raidhos strength